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  1. Big update today for bhop involving whitelist

    * new non-whitelist only normal style has been added and is the new default style for players when they join
    * semi-tas and strafehack have been opened up to non white list players
    * !whitelist will print a message telling them to check console
    * commands to switch to normal will be redirected depending on their whitelist status. can still be chosen manually in the menu.
    * whitelist messages only print when a player first connects, changes to a WL style, or when they finish a map on a WL style.
    * Practice messages still display when they leave the start zone and can be toggled in the !hud menu
    * moved the affected NWL styles to the front of the menu (sorry)
    * Timer updated and moved to it's own fork to allow for faster updates and more customization without conflicts.

    Since the last update:

    * 256 tick and 102.4 tick styles have been added to the server
    * Mapchooser has been optimized
    * Changed the prestrafe mechanics to allow for more movement inside the start zone
    * Implemented a better trigger_push fix plugin
    * Added over 400 maps to the server
    * Fixed crashing on monster jam
    * Exploit involving practice mode has been patched
    * removed demofix
    * hud was reworked to be a bit more dynamic
    * Points system was changed so that it doesn't scale against your other times

  2. 5 hours ago, zebra said:

    you would be able to game the system somewhat if you knew who hasn't been T and has been T in the previous rounds.

    We did think about this when it was changed and decided to have there be a minimum and maximum weight a player can have. That way new players wouldn't guaranteed to be traitor first round. Everyone still has a chance to be traitor, and you'd have more luck finding them based off their actions than probability, especially with 15+ players.

  3. 6 minutes ago, Don Juan said:

    You say, that but its neither. Some people get T multiple rounds in a row while others never get T. Even when 15-20+ players lol.

    True random is neither fair nor consistent, and computers, in general, are really bad at random. With random number generators, you can get the same number multiple times in a row, but that's not fair. At the same time, a "fair" system isn't always random, going through each player one by one would give you a fair system. So we reworked it to be random with a little bit of weightedness to it, and a players weight resets when the map change. It's really unfortunate that happened and if you have any suggestions on how we could improve the system feel free to send them our way.

  4. I'm definitely willing/wanting to do a second server at some point, so let's talk about how that would happen.

    A public and a private would probably be the most desirable, since then players could grind a map for as long as they want without being interrupted. Though these kinds of servers would cause issues with syncing replaybots, and require both servers to be on different maps at all times.

    An easy and a hard would fix both those issues since, they would using separate maplists. Though this does split the population a bit as some players only connect when harder maps are on. There's also at which difficulty do we split the maplist, as there's some easy maps that are long, and some short maps that are hard.

    As far as population issues goes the bhop server runs best with lower pop, which is why the server cap is set to 19.

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