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  1. jack_

    Jb event

    I won't be here to play but looks fun!!!
  2. 14/20 plays games with the clan Referrals: Yunki, Thunder, Natanskybudder8, OG, Fountain, Ben, sakata, Chaos, Clara, Sweetrock, Ironic, Trav, Yeti, jack
  3. 12/20 ive seen him around Referred List: Yunki, Thunderbolt, Fountain, Natanskybudder8, Clara, Ben, sakata, sweetrock, Ironic, Trav, OG, jack
  4. 20/20 welcome back Referred List: Trav, Yunki, Fountain, Shiro, swed, Chaos, sakata, Ben, Freekiller #3, Moflstomp, noms, OG, narwhals, wintergreen, Thunderbolt, Natanskybudder8, Wolfshade, Sandy, Ironic, jack
  5. jack_

    Hi Friends!

    welcome to the forums
  6. 24/20 Simps: Travesty, Ben, YUNKI, THE ORDINARY GAMER, Neospawn, ted, Sakata, Ironic, Natanskybudder8, dakota, Wolf, Yeti, Thunderbolt, Hornycat (Mikey), zebra, tobi, Derpy, Chaos, Bryan, Shiro, Grayson, Rock, fountain, jack
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