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  1. jack_

    Jb event

    I won't be here to play but looks fun!!!
  2. 14/20 plays games with the clan Referrals: Yunki, Thunder, Natanskybudder8, OG, Fountain, Ben, sakata, Chaos, Clara, Sweetrock, Ironic, Trav, Yeti, jack
  3. 12/20 ive seen him around Referred List: Yunki, Thunderbolt, Fountain, Natanskybudder8, Clara, Ben, sakata, sweetrock, Ironic, Trav, OG, jack
  4. 20/20 welcome back Referred List: Trav, Yunki, Fountain, Shiro, swed, Chaos, sakata, Ben, Freekiller #3, Moflstomp, noms, OG, narwhals, wintergreen, Thunderbolt, Natanskybudder8, Wolfshade, Sandy, Ironic, jack
  5. jack_

    Hi Friends!

    welcome to the forums
  6. 24/20 Simps: Travesty, Ben, YUNKI, THE ORDINARY GAMER, Neospawn, ted, Sakata, Ironic, Natanskybudder8, dakota, Wolf, Yeti, Thunderbolt, Hornycat (Mikey), zebra, tobi, Derpy, Chaos, Bryan, Shiro, Grayson, Rock, fountain, jack
  7. 18/20 Referred List: Rayne, yunki, wolfshade, trav, patron, Natanskybudder8, Timeassassin, OG, Sweetrock, beerman, Derpy, Mark, zebra, fps, Clara,Chang , bryan, jack
  8. 12/20 Referred List: wolfshade, chaos4499, trav, Patron, Sweetrock, zebra, fps, Clara, chang, Rock, bryan, jack
  9. 20/20 lets fucking goooOOOOOOO Referred List: Rock, Mark, Rayne, trav, Sharpie, Derpy, yunki, vexer, camel, timeassassin, zebra, Natanskybudder8, fps, fab, patron, bmt, zip, choder, agrippa, jack
  10. Thank you, jack_ for your donation of 5.00 USD! im just here for genchat embeds
  11. imo: there really is no point in having gameme anymore. once it was removed and we lost the stats, the new stats dont mean much.
  12. Glad to see your name on the forums!
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