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    • Just wanted to give an update on what actually happened.   So, a couple days ago this same exact thing happen. What caused it though was my roommate accidently knocking my PC's power cord from the wall outlet, and of course my PC was on, and so it forced it to shut off. Just like last time, my PC wouldn't turn on and respond. So I went back through, checked all my parts, power supply, etc. Well the next day I AGAIN turned it into Geek Squad to see if they can figure it out. The guy went through a few tests, nothing worked. So he decided just to take out my motherboard's coin-cell battery to let all the charge out of the system. Well wammy, it worked. Once he put everything back together, she started up again.   So we figured what's probably happening is when my PC gets forced to shut off (like unplugging it, messing with the breaker box, etc) for some reason the motherboard will have a shit ton of electrical charge and so it doesn't want to respond or turn on till it's drained. So if this ever happens again, I can either remove the coin-cell battery for a bit, or let the computer rest for a few days.     @Sandy
    • Glad to be here, thanks for lettin me know!
    • Yeah. I’ve been pinging Sakarra every-time I notice it’s down and he’s pretty fast to bring it back up. But the amount it has been going down is not giving me good vibes.
    • Jail BREAK, too bad you’re unable to connect to the server, hopefully they fix it before the event.
    • Hey man, I'm Youngz. Welcome!   Just so you're aware, the forums aren't used like they used to be. Most people communicate in the Discord now.
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