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  2. Been lifting weights recently, gotta write this shit down somewhere 7/13/23 Chest Day with some other random shit Flat Barbell Bench Press 225x5 225x5 225x5 225x5 225x5 Dumbell Skullcrushers 60x8 60x10 60x10 Dumbell Lateral Raises 25s x 8 20s x10 20s x10 Weirdass Bicep Curl Machine 90x8 90x8 90x8 Decline Situps x20 x10 Cable Tricep Pushdowns 50x12 60x12 60x12 Then walked on the treadmill at a 3.5 incline at 3.5mph for like 15 minutes because I'm old af and need to move somewhat
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