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    What happened to my PC?

    Yeah, hopefully. Im really not sure what else it could be.
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    What happened to my PC?

    ok its just possible to accidently unplug the switches when moving your pc, ive had it happen a couple of times. Its honestly starting to sound like your mobo.
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    What happened to my PC?

    Ok! Do you think its possible that the switch inside your computer for power to have come loose and been faulty at all? And yeah the fans would turn on for about 3s then the entire computer would fail to boot. unrelated question :Also this might be random, but when you log into your bios does it say it has been reset?
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    What happened to my PC?

    Have you tried removing the RAM and slowly taking out each individual part then turning it on? Based on what you've said it doesn't sound like it's the Motherboard, or your entire system won't turn on. Also if you're using a power strip the chances of a failure from a surge are pretty low. edit: based on what ive read it literally sounds like your ram or something wasnt seated correctly.
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    New donation from Thunderbolt

    Thank you, Thunderbolt for your donation of 3.69 USD! Your donation will be put to good use, and helps keep this community running. Thanks for the support, Syndicate Gamers Staff and Community
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    Its Time For a MG Reunion Server

    Hello everyone Mar.Moon here. For some time now me and few friends I've made from mg have been reminded of the beauty of Syndicate Gamers Mini Games Counter Strike Global Offensive server. As a fellow fan I miss the server deeply I miss all the fun times everyone used to have that server. I think its time we set up a reunion and maybe rekindle some of those bonds we use to have. Recently one of our beloved members Sithsada has gotten a girlfriend and we miss him deeply. I met Sith on Mg and many more friends i still talk to today. I wonder where some of you are today. Loved best mg member Mar.Moon (chris)
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    Forum Activity

    FUCK reddit
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    All the cool kids left.
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    where my fwends at
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