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    Repopping War3

    I went ahead a little bit ago and made transfer a 1 round restriction, max cash after bets is 30k (so $15k bets), staff cash is 5 rounds again Also books have been back on for a while but I realize this thread is over a year old, I just wanted to state that I don't really disagree with anything else in the thread and if there's anything simple to change I'd be willing to. Bots will always be tough or nonexistent because it would take manhours nobody is willing to contribute to fix bugs. I'd be willing to remove races but then people will "never come back" as their favorite race was removed (anything buggy is an interesting race and someone will be sad) Problem with crashes is CSGO changes constantly and it's difficult to keep up with as we all get older and busier. Yes races are often the problem, but crash logs are almost useless except my custom coded stuff which still often requires hours of digging thru text files, comparing multiple crashes, and often times results in no new info. Miss the server and you all.
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