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    found my ps2 and some games.

    i found my old ps2 and some games, so i decided to buy a converter and hooked it up to my monitor.
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    What we used to be Gaming clan ran by 16 year olds who installed plugins for custom cs servers What we turned into Private curated G rated discord for 35 year olds to view on work network How to fix this: ALL BOOMERS STEP DOWN ALL BOOMERS STEP DOWN ALL BOOMERS STEP DOWN ALL BOOMERS STEP DOWN ALL BOOMERS STEP DOWN ALL BOOMERS STEP DOWN Just because you are retarded enough to risk your job viewing our discord doesn't mean it should be sanitized to reddit Bulletford BOOMER Mimic GAY BOOMER Moose MORMON BOOMER Managers Clamps BOOMER Ctark hes chill Travesty BOOMER ZachPL BOOMER Advisors ATG_Agent BOOMER Rootbeer BOOMER Zebra lesser archmage Sean BOOMER Daniel BOOMER Sith BOOMER Engineers can all stay Face Fontaine Skitt Swed Trucka Recruitment Officers Sakarra NOT A BOOMER!
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    I'm Back.

    Living life! But I have been streaming almost everyday!
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    LOA coming up

    Stay safe out there and come back to have more fun
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    I'm Back.

    Welcome back my man good to see you again
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    The Ben

    I'm Back.

    Omg hes returned
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    I'm Back.

    wowowowowowow the ultimate gamer is back
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    Dude, Trav is chill boomer. Leave him be. He usually lets people do whatever and is everyone's mate. I mean, is anyone's guess on the rest tho.
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