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    I'm thankful for all of you

    Over the weekend I went camping and had some time to reflect on my life. I spent some time thinking about how crazy it is that I've known some of you guys for over 5 years now. As a whole, I feel like this clan has been a huge net-positive on my life. I've had so many great memories and moments playing and hanging out with you guys and it without a doubt has made an impact on my life. I have a loving family, an amazing group of IRL friends, and a wonderful girlfriend, but also having you guys there in my life makes it so much better. Whether it was playing on JB back in '15/'16, talking in discord, or playing casual games together, these interactions all made my day better in the end. There are some of you in this clan that I really do feel close to/trusting towards and I really appreciate the friendship that we have been able to forge online. Despite obviously the dynamics being quite different than IRL friendships, I cherish you guys just the same. Even those that I'm not that close to in this clan, I'm thankful for you too. Together, we all make up this clan and the clan wouldn't be the same without all of us together. Don't want to make this post too long, I just felt it necessary to make this post to let you guys know that I really appreciate all of you, and I hope I can build more connections with those who I have not yet done so with and keep the relationships that I do have, strong. Thanks for the amazing years that I have been given with you guys!
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    What we used to be Gaming clan ran by 16 year olds who installed plugins for custom cs servers What we turned into Private curated G rated discord for 35 year olds to view on work network How to fix this: ALL BOOMERS STEP DOWN ALL BOOMERS STEP DOWN ALL BOOMERS STEP DOWN ALL BOOMERS STEP DOWN ALL BOOMERS STEP DOWN ALL BOOMERS STEP DOWN Just because you are retarded enough to risk your job viewing our discord doesn't mean it should be sanitized to reddit Bulletford BOOMER Mimic GAY BOOMER Moose MORMON BOOMER Managers Clamps BOOMER Ctark hes chill Travesty BOOMER ZachPL BOOMER Advisors ATG_Agent BOOMER Rootbeer BOOMER Zebra lesser archmage Sean BOOMER Daniel BOOMER Sith BOOMER Engineers can all stay Face Fontaine Skitt Swed Trucka Recruitment Officers Sakarra NOT A BOOMER!
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    I'm not here to talk to you about the nude DJ set of 2013. Nor am I here to talk to you about the time Sweetrock left her infant children at home and delivered a pizza from across the state because she wanted to go to a state fair with her husband and not hire a baby sitter. Today i'm here to talk to you about her child being on Warcraft Source playing on Crackhouse. Yes, Crackhouse. The irony is real. Have you ever asked yourselves in an hour of meditation, which everyone finds during the day,how long we have been striving for greatness? Not only the years we've been at war, the war of work, but from the moment as a child when we realized that the world could be conquered. It has been a lifetime struggle. A never-ending fight. I say to you, and you will understand that it is a privilege to fight! We are warriors! I ask you once more: Rise and be worthy of this historical hour! No revolution is worth anything unless it can defend itself! Some people will tell you child services is a bad "word". They'll conjure up images of childless bitter old women and door to door charlatans. This is our duty: to change their perception. Blood alone moves the wheels of history. I say to you, members of the community, that the blood of this child will be on your hands if you fail to save him. If we want this kid to follow the Lil Pump path to Harverd, we will allow him to spend his school time playing Warcraft Source. Instead we should take the parental role of this child to ensure he goes to the real Harvard and becomes a neurosurgeon. For that to occur, we must ban him from our servers. I leave it to you, the people, to decide this childs fate.
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    found my ps2 and some games.

    i found my old ps2 and some games, so i decided to buy a converter and hooked it up to my monitor.
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    New donation from Jiffy

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    Welcome to 2012

    :'( the feels apologies this is a drunkpost but still
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    New donation from TimeGnome

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    sG | War3 Halloween

    SERVER CS:GO WAR3 - war3.joinsg.net:27018 DURATION Starts: Thursday, October 29th - 7pm central Ends: Sunday, November 1st - 7pm central EXTRA XP WEEKEND Players will earn 50% extra experience during the time of the event THE INFECTED No cap on infected but same for any healing race that deals extra damage to the infected. HOW TO GET RAFFLE TICKETS INCREASE THE SPREAD Get 5 Kills in one round as Infected Must screenshot kill feed / console for proof or have Staff / SO confirmation - 1 Raffle Ticket SAVE THE SICK As Professor X or Dark Templar rescue a hostie while being last alive Must screenshot for proof or have Staff / SO confirmation - 2 Raffle Tickets PUMPKIN MADNESS Collect pumpkins that players drop after being killed - 40 Pumpkins - One Raffle Ticket - 80 Pumpkins - Two Raffle Tickets - 120 Pumpkins - Three Raffle Tickets Etc. THE SURVIVALIST Be the person with the most pumpkins at the end of the event - 5 Raffle Tickets AND 10 Level Banks SKILLED SNIPER Kill someone with a no-scope from at least 1000 units away - 1 Raffle Ticket - 10 Level Banks (Player with the farthest no-scope at the end of the event will win this prize.) ** Killing an ENG during this challenge is an additional 10 lvl bank levels or 2 Raffle Tickets ZOMBIE LEADERS Kill a Zombie Leader (Staff) You may only be awarded once per STAFF LEVEL - JCS - 3 Tickets - MGR, ENG - 2 Tickets - ADV, RO - 1 Ticket - Kill off one of EVERY staff role and be awarded an additional 5 raffle tickets for a total of +14 raffle tickets !!! Must screenshot kill feed for proof or have Staff / SO confirmation END OF EVENT At the end of the event, we will calculate how many raffle tickets you have based on how many Pumpkins you collected and the achievements you completed. We will hold a raffle and announce the winners. PRIZES 1st place: 40 Level Banks + Custom GIF Spray + $30 Steam card (Provided by Clamps) + One month war3 Supporter 2nd place: 30 Level Banks + $20 Steam card (Provided by Rock) + One month war3 Supporter 3rd place: 20 Level Banks +$10 Steam card (Provided by Sharpie) 4th place: 15 Level Banks 5th place: 10 Level Banks RULES - The 1st place winner must be a member of sG. Every other winner after that can be anyone who participated. In order to be eligible for the first 3 prizes you must make a post here before the end of the event - Screenshots must be submitted before the end of the event (Can also get Staff/SO confirmation) (Nov 1st 7pm central) to get your raffle tickets in - Screenshots must also be done using Steam’s screenshot (F12 by default) - Submit screenshots in this thread (or DM me) - Exploitation to get raffle tickets will result in disqualification - sG Global Guidelines apply
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    New donation from zebra

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    Carl Sagan

    Clan coup (featuring staff leaks)

    Alright nerds, listen up. we need to infiltrate the HQ of sG and force ourselves onto Jasons computer to transfer paypal access to a suitable candidate Who is a suitable candidate you may ask? Well I dont think there is anyone more qualified for this task than myself For this mission, I will need the full support of this community. We have very little intel on Jason's fortified position, and we may need to recruit some experts in CIA level extraction techniques. In the event that social media is cut off and we are isolated from each other, I have created a IRC channel to discuss this operation http://chat.mibbit.com/?server=open.ircnet.net&channel=%23OFPResistance HERE ARE MY IMMEDIATE DEMANDS: ANSWER WHY WE LOST THE GAMEME DATABASE i looked on their website, look at this shit: But then I accessed leaked information from the staff forum (there's like pages of this shit): Something is not adding up... ?????? Wake the fuck up samurais
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    a bunch of random stuff i needed to say

    hello all, so theres gonna be a lot of just word vomit and garbage in this post and honestly I don't think I necessarily needed to post it here but as we all know, getting to vent sometimes helps work through some issues so I figured rather than screaming it into the void id at least put it somewhere that doesn't seem like im just holding it in/hiding it I guess, so you really don't have to read any of this or necessarily have to respond to it but if you'd like that'd be chill. I appreciate any input or just reading it I don't wanna go too in depth about a lot of things but ive been feeling pretty shitty lately, and with the lockdowns/quarantines due to covid I feel like my current issues are only being exacerbated since I cant really do a lot of the necessary things to seek more help like I wanted to. so, sometime in January I almost attempted suicide via intentional sodium nitrite poisoning, but I thought that situation would just be the tip of the hill for my issues and that things would get better. I started attending therapy every Friday and was able to work a lot of things out with my family and things were starting to look a little better week by week but lately ive just been back in the same slump that got me to that point again a few weeks ago. in general im just extremely depressed, even in day to day life, even though things are generally a lot better now than they ever were. there was a lot of traumatizing shit that happened in my childhood and it still unfortunately affects me a quite a bit to this day, and to some extent I do regret not just committing when I had the chance around the time I left the clan was when I was going through a lot of this all at once and I was admittingly in a pretty bad mental state, and I was being unnecessarily toxic to a lot of people (in sG and not), so in some way this is a form of an apology. and I understand that doesn't fix me having been an asshole for little to no reason, but its better than pretending I didn't do anything at all. and I don't want to blame my mental state for that either, or use it as an excuse to be a shitty person, but that did contribute to it, and I do take responsibility for that. its also part of the reason I left the clan earlier, being mentally unstable is a surefire way to find reasons to fuck up stuff without a valid reason to do. im back now and probably (maybe) wont be THAT dumb again, but im still pretty autistic so don't count on that too hard y'all. some issues ive gone through (and to some extent still go through) pertain to my transition. its not going bad, nor am I regretting it, but I think I was just a little naïve thinking it would solve all of my problems when realistically it solved barely anything. as of writing this im 9 months on hormones, and while I couldn't be anymore happy about that, its still not a fix all solution for the larger problem at hand. I still have a lot of self image problems, but on the bright side its not as bad as it used to be, so I guess theres still some improvement from when I was a stupid kid thinking there was a simple way to solve the fact that everything sucks! at the end of the day im trying my best to succeed, so I guess all that's left to do is hope that things only continue to improve from here, right? I think im past the worst of it thanks if you read this, love you all. stay cool and pop jb more often
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    PREPARE FOR THE PURGE I just wanted to update everyone with what's going on with the server in the coming weeks. Starting today people can start preparing for the PVE Purge. On Saturday at 2PM Central, we will be setting the server to Full PVP. So start getting mats for your base so it doesn't just decay and destroy when we turn it on. All bases and attractions will be available to raid and destroy! Players will be able to be looted! It's anything goes during the purge and the RPers will get a taste of what life is like outside of the Safe Zone! After the Purge I'll be preparing for the next forced wipe. On Thursday, February 4th, I plan on making the map a lot smaller as well as the Safe Zone being only 1/4 of the map rather than a half of it. I will likely designate a City inside the map for people to build attractions around. This will enable the RPers to be closer together for more fun interactions. Also for the next wipe, specifically for the PVPers, I will be making a rule that you are not allowed to keep explosives (C4s, Rockets, etc) in your base inside the Safe Zone. We have hired some more admins on the server so that we can inspect crates, etc to see if players are exploiting the Safe Zone. If you want to raid, keep your raiding materials outside the Safe Zone! If you are caught with explosives inside the Safe Zone, you will have a short time limit to move it and if it is not moved in time, your loot crates will disappear. I'm leaning to keeping the BPs/Tech Tree but if I can be convinced otherwise then I'll announce the change. MINI SERVER EVENT EAST vs. WEST We have also added in two identical bases for our server to take over. If you're interested you can send me a message on Discord to sign up for the East or West team and I will give you the code to the base to start fortifying. After people have signed up I'll be assigning team leaders for each team so you can take directive from them on how to improve your base. Both teams will have time to fortify their base to make it stronger against the purge raid. On Saturday, both teams will face off to destroy the other team's Tool Cupboard. The 1st team to destroy the other's TC will be claimed the victor and we will reward you with starting supplies next wipe. Make sure you sign up so we know what team you're on! Saturday is going to be chaotic as all hell so teams should organize prior. I have also put resources in the loot crates inside the base so you guys can start building right away. RULES - Sharing the base code with the other team will result in a ban on the server permanently. I'd advise to not give out the code period, so as to not tricked into giving it away. Tell the person asking for a code to msg me or an admin for the it. - Signing up and purposely fucking over your team or griefing will result in a ban Don't be an immature dickhead. Sign up if you want to play and have fun. PRIZE - 3,000 Scrap on next wipe Who knows... we may add another base depending on how many people sign up! Or you may be a chaotic evil person and just build your own raid base nearby to screw over the East and West! The world is yours... Hope to see you all on the server! - Trav P.S. Below are picks of the bases WEST SIDE (R:17) EAST SIDE (V:17)
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    Hi Friends!

    Hi it's me, betavfx
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    Long time no see

    What it do guys long time no see, wanted to know who’s still here and what’s been going on.
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    dMech's trip in to SG?

    Name: Doug Wiltanger Age: fuckin 50 Location: Ohio Steam ID: STEAM_1:1:5417411 19:27 53 0 active 196608 Favorite Server: war3... Duh About Yourself: I'm old, unemployed, looking for work if you have any connection Do you use a Microphone? Most think that it's unfortunate... Have you previously been a member of a gaming community, if so which one? Negative Ghost Rider Questions or Comments: Link to Introduction Thread:
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    Lesbian Dad


    Been here for a while, I know some of you, glad to see your faces. If you're new to me, hope to see you in-game. I like playing Among Us right now, reminds me of TTT. I'm not good at AU, at all. I'm on the discord as palingenesis, but ya can still call me Lesbian, Lezbo, whatever. At the moment I also like warzone, spellbreak and fall guys. Yeah.
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    Thank you, Gonepostal2000 for your donation of 3.00 USD! Your donation will be put to good use, and helps keep this community running. Thanks for the support, Syndicate Gamers Staff and Community
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    My Introduction

    Hi I'm Natanskybudder8 and I really like to surf. I'm not the best but I play all the time so I'm hoping to get better in the near future. I'm excited to be joining this community and I think I'll have a lot of fun!
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    I'm Back.

    Its been a while, Glad to be back in the Mix.
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    Jailbreak Recommendations

    I personally dislike clouds alot. I think some shop updates would be good but keep items limited to avoid excessive download times. I think limiting the number of maps would be great. I personally feel like the lineup we had from 2014 to 2015 was really great with maps like texture, lego, obama, the classic minecraft, tower(my personal favorite),jungle etc
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    New donation from -Sharp-

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    B Cinny Yam

    New donation from B Cinny Yam

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    veteran / old players reunion? ZE

    When I remember back to 2008 when I started playing ZM in here, I remember it was a really fun time. I remember when I got my first Admin access " Don't break your rules, or you'll get a BAN "with the best Arnold Schwarzenegger voice" LOL. I remember all the many hours I spent playing ZE, it was a time when it was really fun and a lot of friendships came about joined in 2009 in here, and was very active As time goes on, you get older, some start a family, others get work, which makes there is no time to play video games. the community in here has always been full of fun and nice people if there are any of the old members of my time who think it might be fun to put some life in ZE and remember old days, then write :) new members are also welcome
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    Rayne tries out Twitch

    Morning gamers! As some of you know, I've recently started streaming some games on Twitch. Only started this week so I have a lot to learn but thoroughly enjoying it. Now obviously the eventual goal is partner, but my first hurdle is affiliate. Therefore leading to the point of this thread! I've been with sG now, some might say, a little while... I've never asked for much (save for the occasional roasting). Appreciation wouldn't cover it, but if you could drop me a follow and the occasional view... Get me over that 50 followers mark, I'll be forever in debt. twitch.tv/rayneoverrated
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    Its Time For a MG Reunion Server

    Hello everyone Mar.Moon here. For some time now me and few friends I've made from mg have been reminded of the beauty of Syndicate Gamers Mini Games Counter Strike Global Offensive server. As a fellow fan I miss the server deeply I miss all the fun times everyone used to have that server. I think its time we set up a reunion and maybe rekindle some of those bonds we use to have. Recently one of our beloved members Sithsada has gotten a girlfriend and we miss him deeply. I met Sith on Mg and many more friends i still talk to today. I wonder where some of you are today. Loved best mg member Mar.Moon (chris)
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    you already know who it is (✿❦ ͜ʖ ❦)
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    Ahhhh yeah boys! Fuck the ROs it's my time to shine. I'm gonna have a tournament of the most tense, most skilled, and most competitive game known to man. Not PUBG, CSGO, DOTA, fuck Fortnite: it's Connect 4. Who has what it takes to defeat the reigning champ: SWED! Here's the deal: It'll be on the 13th of December. Starting time to be announced but aiming for 1pm CST. Sign Up by the 11th. Just fucking post in this thread or PM me in discord if you're down so I can add you to the bracket. Show up. I'll blacklist you from anything fun again if you sign up and bail. No brofests, no events. I'll find you. It's going to be best of 9, first to 5 wins, no loser's bracket. I'll post the site below so you guys can fuck about in it. I'm not gonna make you guys take screenshots. If y'all start debating about who wins, I'll improvise. That being said. Don't cheat. There is a 15 second time for turns. Don't miss a turn and use some weird website that tells you how to win at connect 4. It's a game for 5 year olds. Use your brain. Compliment me on my event planning skills. This is not limited to sG members. Randos welcome, but if one wins the grand prize I'm going to be salty ngl. Join the sG discord day of event so I can round up all you idiots. Bracket will be posted the 12th with the start time. Again, aiming for about 1pm CST. PRIZES: Respect Honor The Knowledge You Could Mentally Beat a 5 year old Anything else I can convince people to contribute a Badge An Actual Copy of Connect Four. This is gonna kick off the summer winter right. So grab some beer, liquor, or bud and lets play some Competitive Connect Four. The website (which is mobile compatible) we are using is: https://c4arena.com/ Thank you-
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    Click here for 2020 Secret Santa, y’all
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    Carl Sagan

    Swed being discord police LOL

    he made a custom ban role for me and i don't think that's cool #1 I talk about politics #2 I don't harass anyone (dont look up the logs believe my word) INSTANT THREAT OF KICK? edit: just kicked from discord
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    New donation from jack_

    Thank you, jack_ for your donation of 5.00 USD! im just here for genchat embeds
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    New donation from DerpyPwny

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    Carl Sagan

    Spellbreak Sept 3 Launch

    Imagine making threads in 2020 Third person wizard battle royale It was under a complete NDA for a long ass time, I tried keeping up with dev cycle but gave up at some point. Pleasantly surprised it is releasing in a couple days. I'm kind of bored with military shooters, I hope this game is fun and fills a niche. I haven't dunked on wizard nerds since wow arena pvp, its kind of a void in my gaming life right now. oh and umm btw, the forums still have a purpose, discord kind of lacks substance
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    Jailbreak Recommendations

    Alright, so Im pretty sure the past 3 Jailbreak Advisors have all made one of these but, I still think its a good idea so i'm going to make on aswell. So first of all is maps, I am going to be removing maps that simply kill population, Any suggestions of maps to get rid of will be taken into account. CLOUDS So I want to hear everyone's opinion on clouds because I believe it is the most controversial map in our community. I want to know whether to keep it as updated clouds Or go back to the old version, I have thought about removing the map but I think the map is too popular among other community's to straight up remove it. Rules And general recommendations- Last of all any rules or changes you think that should be added to our server that you think would benefit new players coming to the server and making them want to stay!
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    Jailbreak Recommendations

    As others said, round time is a big one. I think looking at what CTs can and cannot do is a big thing too. I remember something I started to see a lot more often in JB was CTs joining who had played on other servers and just start going off on the Ts as they would on other servers as they didn't know our server had so many different rules. This would often get them CT'd and then they'd either leave, or they would stay on T and we'd have a lack of CTs which then made it too easy to rebel and unfairly split. I really think it would be worth it to go look at what some of the currently popular JB servers are doing and maybe incorporate some of their ideas into our server. Also, @Wolfshade, please let me know what I can do to assist you. While I love all the sG servers, JB is truly my favorite and I'd love to see you revive it to what it's wonder it once was. Thank you for taking this on.
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    Jailbreak Recommendations

    Would like to see if the old clouds does better on the server plus an updated shop with more new things would be nice
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    Happy Birthday bulletford

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    Hello hello ladies and gents

    Hey babe.
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    LOA coming up

    My deployment was actually cut a little short than expected. I will be back in the states here in a few days! I'll have to "quarinteen" for 2 weeks, so expect me to be pretty active and hit me up if ya'll want to game!
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    Played phasmophobia with me, sat on a ghost's face. Would recommend for sG. 4/20 Referred List: Yunki, Thunderbolt, Fountain, Natanskybudder8
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    Good guy, keeps me rolling in fiber. 2/20 Referred List: Yunki, Thunder
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    Hello hello ladies and gents

    Hell yeah, me and the GF both play among us, shoot me a message on discord whenever you guys are getting on @fps_trucka nice to see a familiar face! hope all is well
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    Forum Activity

    Like others have said, I think Discord really just made the forums not as fun, and with the lack of server populations, there's not many new people coming to the forums. Personally, I still prefer the forums over discord. Discord is nice for short conversations, but even a "long" post like this, just doesn't seem fit for discord. Plus with discord I feel it's easy to get lost in the chat and miss a bunch of messages, unlike the forums where I feel I can reply to a topic (like this one) and if someone replies to me, I can comeback whenever and respond, to where discord there's just so much going on I feel like. And like Carl said, I like the customization, profile, and etc. that the forum gives you.
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    I shall defend my position; The Interagency Language Roundtable (ILR) scale is a set of descriptions of abilities to communicate in a language. (https://mothertongue.ae/ilr-scale/ ,) ILR Level 5 – Native or bilingual proficiency Native or bilingual proficiency is the fifth level in the scale. This level is sometimes referred to as S-5 or level 5. A person at this level is described as follows: Has a speaking proficiency equivalent to that of an educated native speaker has complete fluency in the language, such that speech on all levels is fully Accepted by educated native speakers in all of its features, including breadth of vocabulary and idiom, colloquialisms, and pertinent cultural references. Sweetrock's children have a critical role in the upcoming economy. By being extremely poor and having children with native english skills, they will be excellent subway workers. I think it is very biased to assume her family's place in society is anywhere on a scale.
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    New donation from Ironic

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    joined after fucking a member, stayed after the fucking stopped. That's loyalty. 19/20
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    TimeGnome's super good intro

    If you've been in discord in the last year we probably talked.
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    New donation from sweetrock

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    The sG kz server was incredible and very populated in its prime. It had active admins and a thriving community, however when Simple Kz came out the server died. This was do to poor server management and the fact that the only person who was allowed to update the server or change anything with it didn't care at all about it anymore and basically wouldn't update it. I would message him several times to get the server updated or to tell him the way to revive the server is to switch back from Simple Kz mod back to Kreedz Mod (which are two different, but very similar game modes), but he didn't care in the slightest and let the server die til eventually their was no reason for sG to run it anymore. I don't expect putting this out their to do anything but I sure do miss my old main server.
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