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  1. Yesterday
  2. Fuck him And fuck his knife races 19/20
  3. YUHHH im out here getting people in the server
  4. 18/20 A definite yes he has sooo much knowledge of war3 and is really nice and helpful.
  5. The Ben


    Welcome join us in discord
  6. daniel_


    welcome to the forums
  7. BiggerLizard


    Hello I am the BiggerLizard. The reason why I have joined sg is because @Juiceboxay showed me war3, which I thoroughly enjoy. I also bhop a stupid amount that I shouldn't say.
  8. Last week
  9. probably better then fearless at bhop 6/20
  10. I appreciate how you listed JB as your favorite server. 3/20
  11. Such a nice guy on the server. Long time player and from what I see, friend of many. Best of luck, buddy. Perfect candidate for SO, in my honest opinion ( wink wink @Clamps ) 15/20
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