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  1. Last week
  2. Server was shut down, I believe due to lack of population. These are all of our current open servers. https://sb.joinsg.net/
  3. Hi it's NeoN, a very old member of the sG | Minigames server. I was just trying to view my old stats on gameme and found that the server was taken off the list and I was kind of sad about it. What's been going on lately with the minigames server? Will it be coming back at all? Just my thoughts. Thank you. Also added supper supppppppper old photos of minigames back in da day.(only 2) https://steamcommunity.com/id/SkillzM4st3r/screenshots/#scrollTop=700
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  5. Beat

    I'm Back.

    Living life! But I have been streaming almost everyday!
  6. Ahh uzumaki chronicles. The best bad naruto game
  7. i found my old ps2 and some games, so i decided to buy a converter and hooked it up to my monitor.
  8. Most of these guys are chill, I agree with one or two needs to go but the rest are fly!
  9. sweetrock

    I'm Back.

    Hey how u been?
  10. Why are we listening to this boomer if " boomers should step down" ?? DONT COMPLAIN BE THE CHANGE YOU WANT TO SEE FOR sG!
  11. -Sharp-

    LOA coming up

    Stay safe out there and come back to have more fun
  12. Gen Z's unite! We must take back our community!
  13. this is my official jcs application why should we promote you?: im not a boomer why do you think you are qualified?: im not but who cares about that anyways vote for lemonade and you get your #FFADiscord
  14. Dude, Trav is chill boomer. Leave him be. He usually lets people do whatever and is everyone's mate. I mean, is anyone's guess on the rest tho.
  15. HAPPY LATE BIRTHDAY!! Hope everything is going well for you during these hard times.
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