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  1. Been grinding so much lately, currently Rank 4, hoping maybe I can get to 1
  2. Ironic

    Hello :)

    Bro, another Kaleb with a K. I like you already. Welcome to the forums!
  3. Ironic

    Good Evening

    Welcome to the forums.
  4. Holy smokesssss Thanks for the donation!
  5. Ouch, is that a challenge to donate?!?!
  6. Thinks she can buy herself back in the community. Smh.
  7. I've really gotten into No0b3. Dude is hilarious and so good lol
  8. What's up guys? Over the last maybe 6 months, yes I know I'm a little late to the game, I've been really playing Dead By Daylight a crap ton. The game is so much fun, and I've been working to really improve my skill as both a survivor and a killer. I normally play with my IRL friends because a lot of them enjoy the game as well, but sometimes due to them working and me always having at least 2 days off in a row, I'm stuck playing by myself, but sometimes being the killer and constantly killing all 4 survivors gets kind of boring after a while. So, if anyone would ever like to join me and play this game feel free to hit me up on steam! I've played a few times with @Green*and we had a blast! I think it'd be cool in the future too if we have some sG tournament in the future maybe and give prizes for the best survivor/killer in a private session. Let me know what ya'll think, and feel free to add me if anyone wants to play! https://steamcommunity.com/id/ItsIronic/
  9. R1S3T0P0W3R is back boys! Never letting you in this community again.. 4/20
  10. Lot!!!! I miss you! Have a great new year
  11. Bruh no matter how much I get shit on for this PC, it's the best one I've ever owned. It's God-like compared to my past PC and laptop.
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