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  3. Just wanted to give an update on what actually happened. So, a couple days ago this same exact thing happen. What caused it though was my roommate accidently knocking my PC's power cord from the wall outlet, and of course my PC was on, and so it forced it to shut off. Just like last time, my PC wouldn't turn on and respond. So I went back through, checked all my parts, power supply, etc. Well the next day I AGAIN turned it into Geek Squad to see if they can figure it out. The guy went through a few tests, nothing worked. So he decided just to take out my motherboard's coin-cell battery to let all the charge out of the system. Well wammy, it worked. Once he put everything back together, she started up again. So we figured what's probably happening is when my PC gets forced to shut off (like unplugging it, messing with the breaker box, etc) for some reason the motherboard will have a shit ton of electrical charge and so it doesn't want to respond or turn on till it's drained. So if this ever happens again, I can either remove the coin-cell battery for a bit, or let the computer rest for a few days. @Sandy
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  5. Hello gamers, So I know there's a lot more people on here who knows a lot more about PC's than me or any of my friends, so I have a question. Long story short, my PC was working fine one night, and then the next night and next 5-6 days after, it wouldn't turn on. Motherboard wouldn't respond, nothing. The only thing I could think of was the that same day where I was trying to get on and play, my dad and I were doing remodels on my new house. Due to the breaker box not being labeled correctly, and us having to disable some power, we had to flip on and off almost every breaker in the house. My PC was plugged into technically 2 surge protectors, one actually in the outlet, and then a power strip surge protector, while it was also off the whole time. (FYI, my roommate's PC was plugged in too and his has been absolutely fine) Then that night, I tried to get on and game with some friends, and my PC wouldn't turn on. Had a friend come over to help, pretty much we tried different outlets (yes all of them were getting power), unplugged everything from my PC, plugged it back in, tried my extra power supply I had, tried "draining the power out of my PC", then plugging it back in, and nothing. My RGB fans wouldn't turn on, nothing. Pretty much sounded like my motherboard was fried because nothing would respond to me hitting the power button. I ended up getting an appointment setup with Geek Squad to see what they could do. Every day till that appointment, I'd trying to turn on my PC a few times, and nothing. Then, the exact day of my appointment, my PC actually kicked on.... I plugged everything back into it, and it wouldn't boot up BIOS or anything. So, I still took it to Geek Squad. They were able to boot it into BIOS (I may have just been doing it wrong or something?), and then later on they were able to launch Windows. They tested all my parts, and everything was working fine. They couldn't explain to me why it just didn't work for 5-6 days like it was. Just curious if anyone here has any idea to why this happened. Not sure if my PC just got overloaded or underloaded with power or something and needed a break? I have no idea. Obviously I don't want this to happen to my PC again lol, it was kind of a boring 5 days without being able to game on my PC haha.
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