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    My Introduction

    Hi I'm Natanskybudder8 and I really like to surf. I'm not the best but I play all the time so I'm hoping to get better in the near future. I'm excited to be joining this community and I think I'll have a lot of fun!
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    New donation from sweetrock

    Thank you, sweetrock for your donation of 20.00 USD! Your donation will be put to good use, and helps keep this community running. Thanks for the support, Syndicate Gamers Staff and Community
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    Where did sG Minigames go? :(

    you were 4 when I joined this clan and 2 when I started playing on its servers
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    Staff is for...

    I was told, TO MY FACE, that I would not log in and call staff a bunch of absolute faggots like I did in the past. So I have come here in my very important and LIMITED time to let everyone know... THAT STAFF IS FOR FAGGOTS SEE YOU ALL IN 10 YEARS. P.S. FUCK CTARK DUDE LITERALLY ENSLAVED KEY MEMBERS OF THE COMMUNITY ON THE MINECRAFT SERVER AND WAS NEVER BANNED FOR RACISM #FREEMYNIGERIANTED
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    What we used to be Gaming clan ran by 16 year olds who installed plugins for custom cs servers What we turned into Private curated G rated discord for 35 year olds to view on work network How to fix this: ALL BOOMERS STEP DOWN ALL BOOMERS STEP DOWN ALL BOOMERS STEP DOWN ALL BOOMERS STEP DOWN ALL BOOMERS STEP DOWN ALL BOOMERS STEP DOWN Just because you are retarded enough to risk your job viewing our discord doesn't mean it should be sanitized to reddit Bulletford BOOMER Mimic GAY BOOMER Moose MORMON BOOMER Managers Clamps BOOMER Ctark hes chill Travesty BOOMER ZachPL BOOMER Advisors ATG_Agent BOOMER Rootbeer BOOMER Zebra lesser archmage Sean BOOMER Daniel BOOMER Sith BOOMER Engineers can all stay Face Fontaine Skitt Swed Trucka Recruitment Officers Sakarra NOT A BOOMER!
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    whats up gamers ive played on the bhop server since early 2018 and want to finally become part of the community!!!!!
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    New games????

    We still need to play
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    Mark from Facebook

    Where did sG Minigames go? :(

    Server was shut down, I believe due to lack of population. These are all of our current open servers. https://sb.joinsg.net/
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    I'm Back.

    Living life! But I have been streaming almost everyday!
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    veteran / old players reunion? ZE

    Never forget firefighterDK dj nights in ZE
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    Post what you're listening to right now.

    Radiohead Pablo Honey Creep
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