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  1. B'laz.e

    im greedy

    can i have vet status or something been around since 2008 and was staff for a point in time lmao
  2. Im still friends with you on steam, You havent been online in 8 years.
  3. Hell yeah, me and the GF both play among us, shoot me a message on discord whenever you guys are getting on @fps_trucka nice to see a familiar face! hope all is well
  4. Thanks man! Ive been doing well, i hope its been well for you aswell. Ive found myself with more time to game recently so ive been trying to find people to game it up with again, Been doing streams on twitch a few nights a week so im always down to have some chill homies join me.
  5. Just popping by to say hello its been some time since ive been on here so i was just seeing whose still around (:
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