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  1. Does he still lurk the forums? I doubt he is on the discord
  2. I am in talks with management about getting my permissions back. Then I will be able to properly retort to you.
  3. Omg. You son of a bitch. I STILL CANT VIEW THE MEMBER ONLY FORUMS
  4. Hey all, I just wanted to offer my thoughts and prayers to Bandaid as it has come to my attention he has a tiny heart and it doesn’t work well. I have found out it is able to pump the required blood for his body only when he is angry and raging in games. I would like to thank everyone who has played games with him, for helping keep him alive through team frustration and holding him back from higher ranks. attached is the only known photo of Bandaid as a child:
  5. Wassup my man? Forums are pretty dead, but the Discord is active.
  6. Youngz

    im greedy

    He said he was greedy. I approve.
  7. Youngz

    Jb event

    Yeah. I’ve been pinging Sakarra every-time I notice it’s down and he’s pretty fast to bring it back up. But the amount it has been going down is not giving me good vibes.
  8. Youngz


    Hey man, I'm Youngz. Welcome! Just so you're aware, the forums aren't used like they used to be. Most people communicate in the Discord now.
  9. Youngz

    Jb event

    Lets fucking gooooooooooooooo!
  10. Oof, I got called out. I'll get my own thing soon...
  11. Youngz

    Jb event

    This is going to be a bomb.com event! You guys most excited to be CTs or Ts?
  12. Dude, fucking same.
  13. Heya Velo, hows it hanging?
  14. I don't have anything on hand right now! Give a man some time!!!
  15. What do I get if I win the porn war?
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