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  1. Youngz

    Jb event

    Yeah. I’ve been pinging Sakarra every-time I notice it’s down and he’s pretty fast to bring it back up. But the amount it has been going down is not giving me good vibes.
  2. Youngz


    Hey man, I'm Youngz. Welcome! Just so you're aware, the forums aren't used like they used to be. Most people communicate in the Discord now.
  3. Youngz

    Jb event

    Lets fucking gooooooooooooooo!
  4. Oof, I got called out. I'll get my own thing soon...
  5. Youngz

    Jb event

    This is going to be a bomb.com event! You guys most excited to be CTs or Ts?
  6. Dude, fucking same.
  7. Heya Velo, hows it hanging?
  8. I don't have anything on hand right now! Give a man some time!!!
  9. What do I get if I win the porn war?
  10. nice, you owe me a steam game!
  11. so you owe me a steam game?
  12. Bet you a steam game I can get you to make another bet
  13. Yeah I know. Wanna make another bet?
  14. You have no list that proves I owe you these things
  15. Today's the day I win.
  16. Naw we good. I'm ready to beat you in some games.
  17. not when you fight fire I hope
  18. IT has it's ups and downs
  19. Well fuck them then. I hope you use your fire fighting to burn up their water!
  20. Nice dude! Do you get along with the waterfighters?
  21. Yeah, I was in college for about 9 years. You?
  22. You never get out, you always come back. Just like your sig...
  23. Yeah its pretty chill. At least one of us has long hair.
  24. I'm told I got married.
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