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  1. Rock


    Hey welcome to the forums!
  2. Hey welcome hope to see you on the servers some time!
  3. HAPPY LATE BIRTHDAY!! Hope everything is going well for you during these hard times.
  4. Rock

    I'm Back.

    Welcome back my man good to see you again
  5. Rock

    LOA coming up

    Stay safe my man ill miss you
  6. Same I think the shop really helped the server we just need to revamp the shop with more than 2-3 expensive ass skins that aren't as nice as other servers / previous skins we have had on the server
  7. Would like to see if the old clouds does better on the server plus an updated shop with more new things would be nice
  8. thanks for the dono sharp
  9. thanks for the dono
  10. thanks for all ur hard work and happy birthday and congrats on ur test
  11. Rock

    Happy bday!

    Happy birthday im a day late tho :/
  12. I just wanna say u can always hmu if u ever wanna talk abt something or rant or anything im here for u
  13. Thanks for the dono seen u on war3 a few times
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