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  1. thanks for the dono sharp
  2. thanks for the dono
  3. thanks for all ur hard work and happy birthday and congrats on ur test
  4. Rock

    Happy bday!

    Happy birthday im a day late tho :/
  5. I just wanna say u can always hmu if u ever wanna talk abt something or rant or anything im here for u
  6. Thanks for the dono seen u on war3 a few times
  7. Rock


    Finally made it huh other than that welcome to the forums
  8. Rock


    Welcome back
  9. Rock

    Long time no see

    Wassup it’s Rock doing his once in a while check in how’s everyone been what’s the most popped up server so I can hop on cs and use Rocky on war3 again For those that are curious as to where tf I’ve been and wtf I’ve been doing simple answer work and real life problems imma try to be active again I’ll prob be in the discord more than anything
  10. I’m pretty sure it the guy I’m thinking of so 15/20
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