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  1. "Racism is by NO MEANS allowed and will be dealt with harshly after a warning." The Discord says "All standard global rules are in effect here." EDIT: Just found thin from a post by Oreo in 2008, which is probably what you were going off of. But I've never seen it enforced like this. Always it has just been the way different admins enforce the rule; that applies to all of it, the forums, in game, and discord. I for one only enforced it as a don't spam, be overtly stupid, or have suggestive names. Never did I have to deal with targeted racism. Bottom line is that I have always seen the rule enforced as "No N-WORD". So to be surprised that @daniel_ enforce it just in that way doesn't surprise me in the slightest. I also think you're taking it too personally like you always do "and you being you, couldn't let that go". I would agree though and that it SHOULD be enforced more as a no targeted harassment or enforce like the way you think it should be.
  2. @Dakota Since when has the racism rule EVER been applied the way you describe it? I've seen people kicked for playing map songs with the N-word on it. HELL YOU CAN"T EVEN TALK ABOUT IT WITHOUT CENSORING IT!! Because if you do then it's "racist". So why would you think in your wildest dreams that you can post a video like that and not have the rule applied to you "just because you didn't say it". Just saying the N-word isn't "promoting" racism, yet it is still banned. sG doesn't want anything to do with the N-word. And IMO that gives the N-word its stronger use for actual racist to use.
  3. Does anyone have CS:S version of ba_fail_jail? I'm fixing up fail_jail real quick and want to reference things from the CS:S version to see how they compare. I cannot find the map anywhere on the forums or on gamebanana since I'm guessing @fontaine just uploaded the map directly to the server when he made it. ppl who I think might have it for some reason: @JFK @fps_trucka The things im looking for are original textures, spritetrail configurations, and general feeling of the map from CS:S.
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