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  1. I'm currently a pre med student double majoring in psych and kinesiology (I already had quite a bit of kinesiology credits from high school so I might as well). I was just curious as a pre med, they want you to get experience in the field. What is the best jobs or opportunities to look for? On top of that I want to potentially do emergency medicine as a physician or do more of a clinical setting for neurology or rheumatology for pediatrics. How do you recommend getting experience there to decide what areas I want to go for? @ChosenOne2000
  2. Sean carries me in league sometimes 19/20 Referred List: Sean, Wolfshade, Dakota, Trav. Rock, Mofl, Neospawn, You're A Yeti, Thunderbolt, Freekiller #3, Mark from Facebook, Stabbitty, Fab, OG.SWEETROCK, shiro, Tyrone, booch (19/20)
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