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  1. D4NK

    sG event

    Wc3 all day everyday just like back in the gap...
  2. D4NK#4630 , I think this is my discord link. I pressed copy on my name after downloading it , I already have the SG on my friends list. If you find can find me on there let me know by sending a message or somethin on discord I would appreciate it so I know I gave the right info.
  3. Yeah I'll just need to download discord again. Hey , I know that we used to have all the server IPs on here somewhere . I don't have the Wc3 server in my CS favorites in game , mind giving me the IP?
  4. Hello all my old homies out there ! It's ya old boii D4NK ! Finally got a new computer ! I hope I'll have time to play some CS with the crew again , if any of the homies are trying to get some game time in lets get a time schedule or something set up so we can all link up on one of the servers ! Its been too long since I've played on the Wc3 server , well I hope to see some of the old crew soon enough ! Y'all take it easy and stay breezy !
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