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  1. https://steamcommunity.com/profiles/76561198202177704 First time playing with golf of friends how hard can it be.
  2. Always nice to see new players welcome! Make sure to join our discord if you haven’t already
  3. We still need to play
  4. I just got the new resident evil 3 remake last night with some friends and we though so far its been a pretty good game.
  5. Will take all posts into consideration with changes that will be made and for @Bulldogs post if any of you would like to help out Mainly would be to just be on everyonce in a while not to much you dont have to sit on it all day like I used too and make sure new players are not being harrased and killed without warning so they can learn to have fun on our server and enjoy themselves. And hopefully stay
  6. Agree with a lot of points especially underplayed maps me aswell as sakarra went through all the maps today and removed most of the underplayed maps.
  7. Changed: jb_summer_jail_v1 > jb_summer_jail_v3 jb_lego_prison_v1 > jb_lego_jail_2k17 jb_vipinthemix_csgo_v1-1 > jb_vipinthemix_cs ba_fail_jail_go_b4 > jb_fail_jail_b5 Removed: ba_arizona_2 ba_atlas_jail_b3 ba_jail_alpha ba_jail_campus_2016_remix2 ba_jail_lockdown_csgo_v3 ba_jail_sand_beta3fix ba_jail_shel_sgfix_csgo_v2 ba_sg_spike_csgo jb_arctic_jail_v1 jb_battleforce_reborn_rsc jb_junglejail_v3 jb_kwejsi_v5_fix jb_mangaroons_bh_fix2 jb_mist_v1 jb_outdoorjail_v2 jb_school_v3 jb_stateprison_b3 ba_jail_new_uprise_v2 jb_moti_fix2
  8. Alright, so Im pretty sure the past 3 Jailbreak Advisors have all made one of these but, I still think its a good idea so i'm going to make on aswell. So first of all is maps, I am going to be removing maps that simply kill population, Any suggestions of maps to get rid of will be taken into account. CLOUDS So I want to hear everyone's opinion on clouds because I believe it is the most controversial map in our community. I want to know whether to keep it as updated clouds Or go back to the old version, I have thought about removing the map but I think the map is too popular among other community's to straight up remove it. Rules And general recommendations- Last of all any rules or changes you think that should be added to our server that you think would benefit new players coming to the server and making them want to stay!
  9. Wolfshade


    We have players on servers every once in a while and we have people still who populate the servers the best they can. But our discord is pretty popping you should join if your not in it but great to see players come back!
  10. I haven't played the game in forever but i was somewhere in the purple ranks i cant remember last time i played what rank i was but i stopped playing around the demirgorgon coming out
  11. I like watching him hes funny and i think the game is super fun to play with frnds.
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