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  1. 22/20 Referred List: Rock, Mark, Rayne, trav, Sharpie, Derpy, yunki, vexer, camel, timeassassin, zebra, Natanskybudder8, fps, fab, patron, bmt, zip, choder, agrippa, jack, clara, OG
  2. Truthfully the forums lost alot of their value due to discord being a much faster and easy way to communicate with everyone. It would take staff using the forums more to revive them. So forums would still be good for clan business but in terms of social interaction idk how the forums could beat discord
  3. 7/20 Referred List: yunki, wolfshade, trav, patron, Natanskybudder8, Timeassassin, OG
  4. Hop on the discord its where we chill now
  5. Love ya too even if you hate me for bad plays in among us
  6. Is chill. Made me think way too much about paper in Battlestar Galactica 12/20
  7. Is actually Trav's alt. I wanna see how long he keeps this up. 15/20
  8. The 45 seconds of gameplay I just watched make it seem like its just a full game of the fortnite avengers gameplay
  9. Ahh uzumaki chronicles. The best bad naruto game
  10. I personally dislike clouds alot. I think some shop updates would be good but keep items limited to avoid excessive download times. I think limiting the number of maps would be great. I personally feel like the lineup we had from 2014 to 2015 was really great with maps like texture, lego, obama, the classic minecraft, tower(my personal favorite),jungle etc
  11. The usual shenanigans. We're mainly a discord clan now
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