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  1. My high school days in sG PepeHands
  2. Ah, I was just thinking of that "Boondock is a fag" word art you made for him a few years ago when he was talking shit and I see this. I'm down, someone remind me. Too bad we can't get in touch with some old players like Saint-tabernac, sniper kitty, duy, slimo, etc.
  3. Bump, new years JB and Brofest event anyone? Maybe the 28th since most people probably wouldn't be available the 31st. If so, we're gonna need everyone from the community to share it through other means than just the forums on such a short notice.
  4. Velo

    Current Project

    Nice dude, i'm jealous. The only ones I can find around here are usually sacked out, or falling apart from sitting too long. I can understand many projects. I got a grandma van (03 buick) to replace my silverado as DD because it's beginning to fall apart. Gonna park the truck for a while. I plan on going through all the suspension because it makes lots of noises when I do anything now and the engine is getting worn out as well. Oil pressure's dropping and it's losing coolant somewhere. I've been meaning to build up a 6 liter that's sitting in the garage with a spun bearing so I can drop that in. Will probably just wing it with a crankshaft kit that includes bearings since they're cheap as well as a stage 1 or stage 2 cam and send it. Here's a completely unrelated video of crossing the chesapeake bay bridge tunnel in virginia with the truck:
  5. Velo

    02 4Runner project

    Nice truck guy. I have same size tires on the silverado, but I went with some Genital Grabbers. Got a little over 15k on em so far and they have a ton of meat left. They don't even hum. The set was like $800ish after tax (mind the dirt, employee lot at work is a mud hole. Also fuck those curbs.)
  6. Velo

    Current Project

    xD Sorry, I just noticed this. That truck was sitting at the shop my dad worked at for about 25 years. My dad actually parked it where it sat lmao. Surprisingly the dash and a few other things were in good shape. Pulled what I wanted and a scrapper gave me $200 for the body. Glad to see her out and about. The dash reminds me of my old 79 that fell apart. I always wanted a 80-early 90s ford pickup with the 7-tree. Either that or a square body or 90s dodge with the 12 valve cummins. My old boss had a 96 with a 12 valve, 5 speed and a utility bed. Even with 15 bags of concrete in the back, i dumped the clutch in to 2nd while stopped and the bitch wouldn't die. That thing was a beast. And dang you have a lot of tunnels over there. On a side-note, something about this thread is filling my fucking ram up. someone ping staff
  7. indeed it is. Miss you and the old crew
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