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  1. Velo

    Hi UV!

    Welcome to the forums!
  2. Velo


    Damn oldfags
  3. Velo

    Welcome to 2012

    :'( the feels apologies this is a drunkpost but still
  4. Velo

    Staff is for...

    Fuck, i'm late... But the forums are dead anyways. This could be the new water.exegate
  5. Velo

    Hi Friends!

    ohio as the weebs say
  6. Velo


    Welcome to the forums
  7. My high school days in sG PepeHands
  8. Ah, I was just thinking of that "Boondock is a fag" word art you made for him a few years ago when he was talking shit and I see this. I'm down, someone remind me. Too bad we can't get in touch with some old players like Saint-tabernac, sniper kitty, duy, slimo, etc.
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