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  1. Velo

    Thanks guys!

    this fucking thread again...
  2. A little to the left man. How you been
  3. Velo

    Jb event

    Especially after that wonderful trip to FFA
  4. Picked up my neighbor's old 95 international (13 letter shit spreader) 4700 with the 7.3L turbo diesel the other day. He was pretty much ready to call the junk yard. Gave him 500 eagle bucks for it, got 'er fired up and drove it across the street with 5/6 flat tires and no power steering fluid (felt like rayne working out with that big fucking cunt but y'know) Fucker runs mint and I know the hydros work. Not sure what i'm gonna do with it. (pics before I bought it)
  5. Velo

    Hi UV!

    Welcome to the forums!
  6. Velo


    Damn oldfags
  7. Velo

    Welcome to 2012

    :'( the feels apologies this is a drunkpost but still
  8. Velo

    Staff is for...

    Fuck, i'm late... But the forums are dead anyways. This could be the new water.exegate
  9. Velo

    Hi Friends!

    ohio as the weebs say
  10. Velo


    Welcome to the forums
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