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  1. UltimateOreo


    Still lots to go, my man. Absolutely insane how I can remember all of us in Zombie Mod, it was a hell of a time. Do I remember your sister, Sammie, as well??
  2. UltimateOreo


    I never left. I stayed here, ageless. Watching silently.
  3. I want to throw my 2 cents in here. It's funny how accurate Rune actually is. When I re-structured the ranks of then =(UV)=, obviously now sG; (with the help of a few others) it was purely at the behest of complaints. We were already over managed and over structured. People were constantly asking to become JCS (the only staff rank at the time). Fairly prestigious for the time and place, I suppose? We had a long time crew without much turnover and the community was getting restless for promotions so we basically pulled the Advisor and other subordinate ranks out of our ass just to create a ladder to climb. Over time more rungs were added, RO's, Managers, etc.... I guess the part that I find funny is how much this place mimics real life organizations in the world of today... over managed and over structured....
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