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  1. Picked a bad time to post this huh ><
  2. Morning gamers! As some of you know, I've recently started streaming some games on Twitch. Only started this week so I have a lot to learn but thoroughly enjoying it. Now obviously the eventual goal is partner, but my first hurdle is affiliate. Therefore leading to the point of this thread! I've been with sG now, some might say, a little while... I've never asked for much (save for the occasional roasting). Appreciation wouldn't cover it, but if you could drop me a follow and the occasional view... Get me over that 50 followers mark, I'll be forever in debt. twitch.tv/rayneoverrated
  3. Good to see you again, stranger!
  4. Rayne


    Oh shit, you might be right actually... I'm too old, I don't remember things anymore.
  5. Rayne


    Who the hell nominated me for god gamer xD We all know I'm overrated! Gz on the winners... still salty there wasn't a steamy award!
  6. Serious discussion here folks. I've noticed that forum activity has wayned somewhat over the years. They're now at an all time low. Discussion topic: What change / idea would make you want to visit the forums and post daily? Let's not turn this into a pissing contest, we already ruin everything else we touch. Let's keep this friendly, positive and aim forwards instead of back. GO!
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