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  1. xmen

    Mad staff shit talk!

    Wow... Just wow...
  2. Dunno if these forums are really run anymore but the themes default and syndicate transit are messed up. The syntax is broken on the description of new content on the default theme: The appearance is bugged on the syndicate transit theme.
  3. Never forget firefighterDK dj nights in ZE
  4. xmen


    More like BIJ. Boomers In Jeans... Feels old man...
  5. xmen


    Just had a dream last night that I invited a bunch of people to come bouldering with me and accidentally invited Mitch. Not realising he wasn't Finnish and it would be kinda hard to him to actually join us... Coincidence? I think not! Also hi
  6. 10/20 Referred List: zebra, daniel, Sweetrock, Chang, Cookie, KiD Fearless, Sakarra, Aristocrat, The Ben, xmen
  7. : | 12/20 Hey, 16 is legal in Finland I won't judge. 13/20 Referred List: Rayne, zebra, daniel, KID Fearless, Dark Falcon, The Ben, Mr Eagle, cookie eater, chaos4499, Lux, sweetrock, Dakka, xmen
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