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  1. Not sure how many times people have tried to do this but after reading through the forums a little it sounds like on a couple of occasions people have tried to pop War3 again to no avail. And I am not sure what the attitude was for people those other times since I wasn't around, but this time at least it sounds like we have a decent handful that really want it popped again and are wanting to do their part in popping it which is good. But most of us know that the server has struggled with low pop for quite awhile now for a lot of different reasons and I think that if we are going to repop the server and make it last there is going to have to be more going on than just trying to rely on the regulars hopping in and sending out invites to everyone every day. So below are some ideas that I think can help with popping the server and keeping it popped. (I know Face is on vacation or something so I know this could all be stuff that it delayed until he gets back) 1) War3 is Back Event: I think having an event to sort of announce the return of the server and people wanting to have it popped could help get an initial boost of people back. Plan it for some weekend and have double XP and maybe even a couple of prizes (this has always helped boost pop in the past for at least a little while). 2) Special weekdays/weekends: Having a monthly double XP weekend could potentially keep people coming back month after month helping with the longevity of the server. One thing my old server started doing that was pretty popular was having what we called "Bounty Weekends" once or twice a month where a specific category of race was selected (undead, elvish, knife, pistol, dragon, etc...) and anyone playing those races got an xp boost for playing them, but then killing anyone playing those races gave a cash bonus for "collecting bounties". Maybe introduce something like "Wish Wednesdays" where on Wednesdays Wishes are free to everyone for the whole day (just an idea, people can brainstorm on other ideas like that as long as they aren't anything too crazy). 3) BOTS!: This is something that I have brought up several times before and will probably continue to bring it up, but while reading through a handful of the other forum posts about repopping, and then just from talking to other people about them wanting to play the server again, a lot of people have said that if they see the server with 0-2/20 pop they won't join and will move on to something else for awhile, but if they see it at 6+/20 then they will for sure hop on. Being that first person to hop into the server while it's empty in an attempt to pop it can suck sometimes and it isn't very fun, before I took a break from CS:GO I was one of those people that would do that and would sometimes sit on the server for over an hour waiting for others to get on and sending out invites. When you're the person trying to pop the server you literally just sit there with nothing to do for the duration of your time in the server until someone else joins, no way to get money, no way to get xp, no way to do anything meaningful that makes it worth your time sitting there. I firmly believe that if we were to add 4-6 bots to the server that give limited xp it would help keep the pop up more consistently because then the people joining in to get things popped would at least be able to play and level up some races or do something while they wait for others to join and having those slots filled makes people way more likely to join in and stay a bit without having to worry about things dying out. You can also lock the bots to a bot specific race so they don't get something stupid strong to play in low pop. I think adding bots, more than anything else, is something that should be seriously discussed and maybe even have a poll about to see how people feel about it. 4) Help Face: I am not sure who else does a whole lot on the server, or in what capacity they work on the server, but as far as I know the vast brunt of it is Face and when he takes breaks from the server it's almost like a stand still as far as things getting worked on, fixed, things getting added (I apologize for anyone who works on the server that disagrees with this statement and contributes more than what people may realize, myself included). If people are serious about keeping the server popped and giving people reasons to stay on the server I think people should step up where possible to help Face and take some of the load off (obviously there is still a certain process to this within the clan itself that people would have to go through) whether it's with fixing maps, adding maps, helping with race bugs, adding/balancing races, general coding of the server, running more events, etc... But we can't just always rely on our Lord and Savior Face to be around to try and single handedly (again, I know there are others who work to support the server and keep it going, just not sure in what capacity so don't take any offense to this lol) save the server and keep things going. 5) Invite Friends: There are some people that already do this, and this is something that has always been done on the server, but if you are someone that currently doesn't do this and you want the server to be popped this can be a good way to do so. Even if it's just inviting other regulars you are friends with it can help in case they saw the server empty earlier and didn't join, but receiving notification that it's popping could get them to join. Inviting other people that aren't regulars can still be helpful though, if you have any friends that play CS:GO but have never been on the server invite them, or if you have friends that like class-based Shooters but don't play much CS:GO see if they might give it a try, the more people we can get into the server the better. If people have any other ideas or suggestions this can hopefully be a place to post and talk about them as we try get the server popped like it used to be and bring War3 back to the glory days.
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