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  1. Sandy


    Yep. My dog is not enjoying the cold weather. 14 pound dog v -52 weather
  2. Sandy


    Doing good. Just enjoying the lockdown lifestyle watching movies and relaxing with the dog
  3. Sandy


    It is I sandy balls, long time lurker, first time poster. I've been a long time supporter of syndicate gamers, since my son was first diagnosed with autism, we've been looking for a place for him to fit in, and this was it! jkjk hello whats up. u guys still looking for web dev? i do watch utube indian vids at times so i think i can qualify
  4. 17/20 Referred List: Yunki, Fountain, Shiro, swed, Chaos, sakata, Ben, Freekiller #3, Moflstomp, noms, OG, narwhals, wintergreen, Thunderbolt, Natanskybudder8, Wolfshade, Sandy
  5. Congrats bulletford hope you're enjoying your 12th birthday bro.
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