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  1. Well its good to see yawl, thanks for stopping in. Tank you Tank you, We in this forum.. weather in Florida is like 40 degrees... I must join a gaming community to stay warm in these dire times... Tank you tank you.
  2. Name: Shane Age: 27 Location: Japan Steam ID: STEAM_0:1:14834667 Favorite Server: Rust 3x RP | PVP | About Yourself: Just a Old gamer dude, I like skateboarding and coding, I'm an inventor and creator I feel most at home when I make something. A world without change stands still.- X.Y.Z. Do you use a Microphone? yes Have you previously been a member of a gaming community, if so which one? -]GG[-, (eGo), /HMC/ Questions or Comments: None really. Link to Introduction Thread:
  3. Hey ya'll Its Chocolate, 20 year gamer dude... I've leveled up out of my mother basement and I'm going to join Syndicate gamers.. that's my plan. hope to venture around the servers and meet more faces and game with ya'll. any who .. HOW WE DOING?
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