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  1. Copy paste response from @Swed in discord We're in the process of transitioning all the maps off fastdl to a workshop collection due to an ongoing issue with fastdl, and valve is taking their sweet time approving said collection. We appreciate your patience in this matter as it can definitely be frustrating finding the popular maps gone, but with fastdl broken, anyone without the maps previously downloaded wouldn't be able to play the server anyways. This transition is obviously taking longer than we'd like as you can tell. There's also a separate known issue regarding the nomination plugin that I'm in the process of fixing. Anyways, all of this is to say no one is pulling the "popular" maps off war3 arbitrarily.
  2. 16/20 Active on the servers Referred List: Sean, Sweetrock, Imperium, Tyrone, xmen, The Ben, infested marine, Noah, HelloJoe, Juicebox, SmugJack, Trelvick, Sakarra, zebra, Bulldog, daniel
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    Welcome Fives, glad to see you on the forums
  4. hello, play war3 and join our discord. joinsg.net/discord
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    Happy late birthday, Patty!
  6. Updated DOWN WITH TYRANNY part -> You will be credited for killing both managers and engineers rather than just one for that tier. -> Now the total rises to 9 tickets but with the additional 5 for killing every rank will give you a total of 14 tickets. Happy hunting!
  7. active war3 player and not toxic as far as i can tell 18/20
  8. Your application has been moved to pending status. You may now put on your sGr | tag to inform members that you are a Recruit. In order to become a member of Syndicate Gamers, your application will need to meet at least 20 referrals from sG members who are L2 and above. Three of those must be from our Staff team. 0/20 Referred List:
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    Hello, welcome to the forums
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    Hello :)

    Seen you in discord. Glad you like our servers! Welcome to the forums
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    talked to you in discord, seems chill and has a sense of humor. welcome to the forums
  12. he actually fuckin did it. thanks man for your support
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