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  1. Papyrus

    LOA coming up

    Take care! Thank you for all you have done
  2. Any chance of creating a plug-in where it'll hide commands that are spammed or it only shows it client side? Like say people are spamming the slap command, can it only show on your chat or the person slapping you rather than the entire server? It spams chat for everyone currently
  3. I also agree with the shop. Having the shop was something to really look forward to, which was nice. Even if it was a shitty grenade skin with a trail. I personally disliked the new clouds but the old clouds also had problems where the door would get stuck or it would kill you if you didn't shoot the sign. Honestly I kind of want to see something to speed up rounds at the end half. Like if you're going to rebel, rebel. Don't camp in a vent or a secret spot waiting for someone to walk by. This makes the rounds dull and boring seeing time run out 4 rounds in a row. I liked the gangs plugin where you can start your own crew (Disliked the perks it gave though making things unfair for newer players.) I've also been thinking about how easy it is to rebel. Say there are 8 t's and 4 ct's, usually only about 2 of the ct's are paying attention. The warden and someone else. As soon as the warden dies the round is over. All of the other t's rebel. ct's immediately go to vents because everyone is rebelling. Then it ends up being TDM until there's one t alive camping vents. Just a thought but maybe having the ratio from 1:2 to 2:3 could help things. If there we're 6 ct's to 9 t's. Rounds could continue on to where the T's have a chance to enjoy the map rather than chaos breaking out immediately. I know some of you will say that having more ct's will get rid of rebelling completely but also consider that there are maps where cells have literal vents in them. If the server has 30 people on, normally it isn't 1 person per cell. It's 2-3. So thats 2-3 people easily rebelling. I also agree with a smaller rotation. Although I do like having a lot of maps. We need to find out which maps are the most underplayed and get rid of the bottom 10-20. If i'm not mistaken we have more than 40-50 maps that normally only a handful get played.
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