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  1. Been growing my beard out for a couple years and since quarantine I haven't trimmed it. Also, say hello to my new kitten Satyr.
  2. BLiNDBoi


    Yeah, it has been quite sometime. Only thing that really changed for me is that I have a job, so I game way less than I used to lol
  3. BLiNDBoi


    Servers still alive!? When I left, CS:GO was on the down trend, so I am not too surprised that activity hasn't been quite good like it used to be. I don't know if I have the will to install the game and play War3, I wasn't too good back then and hell I will be terrible now. I joined discord, I'll try to drop a message there after work, need to moderately focus on my remote programming... maybe.
  4. BLiNDBoi


    Shit, I have no clue how long it has been since I visited this forum let alone chat with anyone on Steam. Is sG still alive and kicking?
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