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  1. I'm not a cowboy, despite the title Hello everyone, my name is Ian (a.k.a. Legalize Ranch on Steam, a.k.a. BeefSupreme on Discord) and I'm from Arizona. I'm 24 and work a boring 9-5 job right now, but I'm about to start a cyber security course that will hopefully launch my career in that field. I've played video games ever since I can remember. My first game was Pokemon Sapphire, and I still love Pokemon to this day. I collect the cards and play the games. In my younger days, I played a lot of Minecraft and online TCGs. Since my teens, I've also played a metric fuckload of League of Legends. I mostly just play ARAM these days honestly but I love duos in gold elo (hmu I main ADC). Some of my favorite things are politics (I lean left), music (all genres except country), comedy, cheese, weed, and of course, videogames. I've never been much of a forums guy, but I'll definitely try to be somewhat active here. I'll definitely be in the Discord, so feel free to hmu there EDIT: nevermind, I didn't realize the forums were completely dead. F.
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