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    Glad to see you finally joined the forms!
  2. I actually didnt know this was a thing I am living under a rock.
  3. So what games is everyone looking forward to? I know the obvious like cyberpunk but kinda bored of recent games and wondering if anyone is looking forward to new ones to play. any suggestions on upcoming or even older games that yall enjoy. Thanks!
  4. Thanks Sweet! See you do wanna help out
  5. Why are we listening to this boomer if " boomers should step down" ?? DONT COMPLAIN BE THE CHANGE YOU WANT TO SEE FOR sG!
  6. -Sharp-

    LOA coming up

    Stay safe out there and come back to have more fun
  7. I played JB but do not have nearly as much server time as most of yall, however something that would make me not want to play it is the round time associated with the game. I just felt like they would drag out the game and make it stale especially if you got killed fast in the round. Maybe just something to speed up rounds? and this helps newer players as well. Also I don't know if it is like this on our server but rules being listed in a easy way might help new(er) players.
  8. -Sharp-


    HA. sG is will never die Join the Discord and play some games
  9. Thank you, -Sharp- for your donation of 10.00 USD! Your donation will be put to good use, and helps keep this community running. Thanks for the support, Syndicate Gamers Staff and Community
  10. Nice to see you finally on the forms!!
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