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  1. zebra


    Yunki unanimously won the entire simp category. Ignore the other nominations, I put those in for fluff
  2. zebra


    Travesty, Dakota, Clara, Bakkoneko, and Yunki won with overwhelming majority in their respective categories.
  3. zebra


    Dakota trying to retain his shit talking win from the last SYNDICKIES
  4. zebra


    Because we are PC gamers, the The Temple Grandin Autism Awareness Award has been removed.
  5. Friends, Lovers and Adversaries... WELCOME TO THE 2ND AND PROBABLY LAST SYNDICKIE AWARDS! From now until Saturday, January 2, 2021 members of Syndicate Gamers will be able to vote for your fellow members for the following Syndickies! In order to keep the Winners a secret and to avoid a member voting twice, please FILL OUT THE GOOGLE FORM HERE: https://docs.google.com/forms/d/e/1FAIpQLSdecflSstBbTBI7icd9E3yVXd6EeW7TN9FP4sqQURf7UJEXqA/viewform?usp=sf_link **Each member may only vote once per category, and you are not allowed to vote for yourself in any category.** After the voting deadline, we will reveal the winners in this thread. Winners will be awarded the Syndickie Badge, it will be labelled for each category they win. HERE ARE YOUR CATEGORIES FOR THE SYNDICKIES... --------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- The Syndickie Backbone Award (Hardest working in sG) WINNER: Travesty OTHER NOMINATIONS: Moose, Swed, Jason, Bulletford, Driz, Swed, SmugJack, Kid Fearless, Sean, zebra * Awarded to the member of sG who deserves to be the next Legend if they do not have it already. Time in and time out, this member continues to contribute their free time and energy to sG. They are undoubtedly the backbone of sG and without them sG would likely perish. Heroes are Remembered, Legends Never Die. --------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- The Talk Mad Shit All-Star Award (Best Trash Talker) WINNER: Dakota OTHER NOMINATIONS: Derpy, Clara, TCU Frogs, Sean, Narwhals, Swed, zebra * Awarded to the member of sG who dealt the wittiest, funniest, harshest and ruthless blows to other members... not only in Talk Mad Shit threads but over all of sG servers and discord. AKA the All-Time Best Roaster of sG. --------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- The People's JCS Award (Most Popular Member) WINNER: Rootbeer OTHER NOMINATIONS: Dakota, Mark from Facebook, SmugJack, Travesty, Freekiller, Clamps, Swed, Eddy, Moose, Fountain * Awarded to the member of sG who everyone loves. They get along with anyone and everyone. You can't imagine sG being sG without them in it. --------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- The Kordless Memorial Award (Most Useless Current Acting Staff Member) WINNER: Clamps OTHER NOMINATIONS: Mimic, Ctark, Skitt, Jack, Rootbeer, The Ben, Sharpie, OrdinaryGamer , Sakarra, Sean, Swed, Dray , zebra * Awarded to the Staff member who does the least amount of work for sG. The Staff member who would most likely to be demoted next if JCS actually did demotions for Staff. This Staff member provides no value to sG. --------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- The Baby Rage Award (The Biggest Crybaby) WINNER: Pike OTHER NOMINATIONS: Sean, Dakota, Clara, Ted, Baby Nicole, TCU Frogs, * Awarded to the member of sG with the most dramatic and shocking meltdowns. Over the most minute circumstances, this member will proceed to bitch and whine about almost anything that occurs in the daily affairs of Syndicate Gamers. You know to walk on eggshells around this member. --------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- The King (or Queen) of #shitposts Award (Self Explanatory) WINNER: Clara OTHER NOMINATIONS: Fountain, Chaos, Yunki, Sweetrock, C12K * Awarded to the memer of sG who provides us the best content in #shitposts. Food pics? Dank memes? Videos that permanently lower your IQ? This member has it all! --------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- The Guardian of the Bridge Award (The Biggest Troll) WINNER: Bakkaneko OTHER NOMINATIONS: Chang, Dylan, Rootbeer, Destin, Ted, Sweetrock * Awarded to the member who everyone automatically blocks on discord. This member provides no value to any conversation and if you happen to see their message, you unconsciously ignore it. --------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- The SIMP Award (Self Explanatory) WINNER: Yunki OTHER NOMINATIONS: Travesty, C12K, Fountain, OrdinaryGamer, Destin, Clara, Sean, Sakata, zebra, Dakota, Mimic, Jack * Awarded to the member of sG who will take absolutely no time, or rational thought, to attack those who are the slightest bit of aggressive to the damsels in distress in the community. A person who promotes gender equality but practices special privilege for women. Believes themselves to be the savior for the female gender and hopes one day their actions will pay off in an act of sexual benevolence. --------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- The GOD GAMER Award (Self Explanatory) WINNER: Derpy OTHER NOMINATIONS: Kid Fearless, Rootbeer, Rootycat, Rayne, Sakata * Awarded to the S-tier member who is the best gamer among gamers in sG. No matter what we're playing, this member always comes out on top. In fact, they're probably cheating...
  6. 15/20 Simps: Travesty, Ben, YUNKI, THE ORDINARY GAMER, Neospawn, ted, Sakata, Ironic, Natanskybudder8, dakota, Wolf, Yeti, Thunderbolt, Hornycat (Mikey), zebra
  7. 12/20 Referred List: yunki, wolfshade, trav, patron, Natanskybudder8, Timeassassin, OG, Sweetrock, beerman, Derpy, Mark, zebra
  8. 11/20 Referred List: Rock, Mark, Rayne, trav, Sharpie, Derpy, yunki, vexer, camel, timeassassin, zebra
  9. 6/20 Referred List: wolfshade, chaos4499, trav, Patron, Sweetrock, zebra
  10. how ethical are AFKs :^)
  11. For INCREASE THE SPREAD and SAVE THE SICK in particular, it might be hard to SS proof if the kills were over the duration of the round or if your race information isn't showing in the photo after rescuing. Please feel free to ask any Staff / SO online to vouch for your accomplishment for these in particular
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