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  1. 20/20 Referred List: Sweetrock, Sharpie, HelloJoe, The Ben, Rootbeer, SmugJack, infested marine, Tyrone, Nicole, Juicebox, Jah, Mark, Dakka, Trelvick, Swed, Bulldog, daniel, cookie eater, Sakarra, zebra
  2. 14/20 Referred List: Sean, Sweetrock, Imperium, Tyrone, xmen, The Ben, infested marine, Noah, HelloJoe, Juicebox, SmugJack, Trelvick, Sakarra, zebra
  3. 21/20 Referred List: Dylan, Sweetrock, Trelvick, Imperium, daniel, Sean, The Ben, HelloJoe, Juicebox, Moose, Chaos, Tyrone, infested marine, Leeeroy, Jah, SmugJack, Agrippa, cookie eater, Sharpie, Sakarra, zebra
  4. Rewards should be given out, please PM me or another staff member if you haven't received them.
  5. zebra

    Path of exile

    rootbeer disbanded the guild as of yesterday
  6. zebra

    Path of exile

    We already have an sG guild in poe
  7. Results will be posted shortly... 1st place - @Moose 2nd place - @TotesMagoats 3rd place - @DerpyPwny 4th place - @Cman 5th place - @MrMort
  8. 3748 https://steamcommunity.com/sharedfiles/filedetails/?id=2023786900 xd xd xd
  9. MGRs are literal shinies in war3 for this weekend
  10. iirc claws was nerfed because it was one shotting people while the on hit effects are completely intended
  11. Magic damage has always bypassed evasion
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