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  1. Friends, Lovers and Adversaries... WELCOME TO THE 2022 SYNDICKIE AWARDS! From now until 14 December, 2022 members of Syndicate Gamers will be able to vote for your fellow members for the following Syndickies! In order to keep the Winners a secret, please FILL OUT THE GOOGLE FORM HERE: https://docs.google.com/forms/d/1UMunBX7MlF3R19VP7pk6KB64YAdx5aEuTYGqfe7tfqQ **Each member may only vote once per category, and you are not allowed to vote for yourself in any category.** After the voting deadline, we will reveal the winners in this thread (and discord). HERE ARE YOUR CATEGORIES FOR THE SYNDICKIES... --------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- The Moist Gamer Award *This isn't awarded to the god gamer. This isn't awarded to the garbage gamer. This is awarded to the sweaty tryhard gamer who's chair, mousepad, and clothes are soaking wet every time they play a game. WINNER: zebra RUNNER UP: Meanryd Other Nominations: Pike, KiD Fearless, Neospawn, Freekiller, Dakota, trav, Rootbeer, Cookie Eater --------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- The AMERICAN Award *Awarded to the most patriotic, gun-tootin, McDonald eatin, 10-gallon hat wearin, there's a snake in my boot 'MURICAN in sG. When you think of the USA, this person comes to mind immediately. WINNER: Chaos4499 RUNNER UP: trav Other Nominations: OBrian, Clamps, Rootbeer --------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- The Shit Takes Award *Awarded to the member who we can all agree is objectively wrong time and time again. From #general-chat to the desolate lands of #politics, this member's opinion is the equivalent of sewer sludge. WINNER: Yunki and OrdinaryGamer96 RUNNER UP: Freekiller Other Nominations: Chaos4499, Noah, Doc, Dark Falcon --------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- The Gordon Ramsay Award *Awarded to the member who has proved their unparalleled culinary skills in sG with the pictures to back it up. You salivate over your keyboard with just a single glance. Remember members: quality over quantity. WINNER: KiD Fearless RUNNER UP: Sweetrock Other Nominations: Junzou, Dakota, Thunderbolt --------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- The Charlatan Award *Awarded to the member who cried wolf. This member plays both sides of every conversation, constantly gaslights you, unequivocally a fraud, and is uglier than Harvey Dent. WINNER: Rootbeer RUNNER UP: Freekiller Other Nominations: zebra, trav, sean, Yunki --------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- The Robin Williams Award *Awarded to the member who is genuinely the nicest person you have ever met. In these dark tumultuous times, they're the last glimmer of hope in your day. You hope that you can meet them irl one day just so you can buy them a beer. WINNER: Trav RUNNER UP: KiD Fearless Other Nominations: Tyranidorf, Thunderbolt, Neospawn, HCMikey, Mark from Facebook --------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- The Ohana Award *Awarded to the member who we all miss and wish would come back. We're all part of the sG family. And family means no one gets left behind, or forgotten. An honorary Legend. WINNER (every nomination won): Swed, Blob, Face, Eeiu, Texan, Tortoise, Paul Waffle, Zed, Fox Bios the real real winner by nominations: Swed
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