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  2. I shall defend my position; The Interagency Language Roundtable (ILR) scale is a set of descriptions of abilities to communicate in a language. (https://mothertongue.ae/ilr-scale/ ,) ILR Level 5 – Native or bilingual proficiency Native or bilingual proficiency is the fifth level in the scale. This level is sometimes referred to as S-5 or level 5. A person at this level is described as follows: Has a speaking proficiency equivalent to that of an educated native speaker has complete fluency in the language, such that speech on all levels is fully Accepted by educated native speakers in all of its features, including breadth of vocabulary and idiom, colloquialisms, and pertinent cultural references. Sweetrock's children have a critical role in the upcoming economy. By being extremely poor and having children with native english skills, they will be excellent subway workers. I think it is very biased to assume her family's place in society is anywhere on a scale.
  3. i used to defend sweetrock ironically cause it was funny its not anymore
  4. Woah forum activity is really picking up this season
  5. fav initial d motifs: underdog destroying the competition the 86 was only like a decade old when the anime came out that's like a 2010 Hyundai Genesis destroying a Tesla the music is all about getting power and like exhaust sounds and stuff so obviously it makes me a better driver and boosts hp the more you know about SUPER EUROBEAT no video, they all get taken down nvm
  6. Carl Sagan


    Hey, I remember you being an extremely level headed member of staff during a time of, well, the mitch era... Its Chicago Ted, dunno if you remember the name switch. I miss Hoboinarmy, he was my partner in crime on darkrp. Hope he got a mic
  7. Alright nerds, listen up. we need to infiltrate the HQ of sG and force ourselves onto Jasons computer to transfer paypal access to a suitable candidate Who is a suitable candidate you may ask? Well I dont think there is anyone more qualified for this task than myself For this mission, I will need the full support of this community. We have very little intel on Jason's fortified position, and we may need to recruit some experts in CIA level extraction techniques. In the event that social media is cut off and we are isolated from each other, I have created a IRC channel to discuss this operation http://chat.mibbit.com/?server=open.ircnet.net&channel=%23OFPResistance HERE ARE MY IMMEDIATE DEMANDS: ANSWER WHY WE LOST THE GAMEME DATABASE i looked on their website, look at this shit: But then I accessed leaked information from the staff forum (there's like pages of this shit): Something is not adding up... ?????? Wake the fuck up samurais
  8. annoying twat this is not a vote im just stating my opinion
  9. Imagine making threads in 2020 Third person wizard battle royale It was under a complete NDA for a long ass time, I tried keeping up with dev cycle but gave up at some point. Pleasantly surprised it is releasing in a couple days. I'm kind of bored with military shooters, I hope this game is fun and fills a niche. I haven't dunked on wizard nerds since wow arena pvp, its kind of a void in my gaming life right now. oh and umm btw, the forums still have a purpose, discord kind of lacks substance
  10. Bumping a classic with all the renewed interested in the forums. Here is a mix that speaks straight to the heart. Enjoy.
  11. What we used to be Gaming clan ran by 16 year olds who installed plugins for custom cs servers What we turned into Private curated G rated discord for 35 year olds to view on work network How to fix this: ALL BOOMERS STEP DOWN ALL BOOMERS STEP DOWN ALL BOOMERS STEP DOWN ALL BOOMERS STEP DOWN ALL BOOMERS STEP DOWN ALL BOOMERS STEP DOWN Just because you are retarded enough to risk your job viewing our discord doesn't mean it should be sanitized to reddit Bulletford BOOMER Mimic GAY BOOMER Moose MORMON BOOMER Managers Clamps BOOMER Ctark hes chill Travesty BOOMER ZachPL BOOMER Advisors ATG_Agent BOOMER Rootbeer BOOMER Zebra lesser archmage Sean BOOMER Daniel BOOMER Sith BOOMER Engineers can all stay Face Fontaine Skitt Swed Trucka Recruitment Officers Sakarra NOT A BOOMER!
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