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  1. There are MANY avenues to take in the mental health and neurology field. Most don't involve much use of your hands (typing lots of clinical notes is the majority use of our hands). Tell her to reach out. For a premed who wants to do psychiatry, community mental health, outpatient clinics, state hospitals, etc will give you plenty of experience. Prior to specializing. I did my shadowing in child and adolescent psych, addiction medicine, and neurology for traumatic brain injury. For anything outside of psych, I'm going to defer to @fontaineMD.
  2. So, I can only think of two doctors in the clan. We have a cardiology resident (MD) and a PsyD/psychiatry resident (PMHNP...me). There are things I wish I'd knew before jumping into medicine 17 years ago. I wonder if we can turn this thread into an sG medical student forum. This can be a place for things about the profession you can't learn (reliably) from Google or Wiki. Maybe we can help clan members make informed decisions about their future medical careers. If not, at least I tried to bring life back to the forums...
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    [7:55:36 PM] c12k: sup [7:55:48 PM] c12k: season premre of glee [7:55:50 PM] c12k: come at me [7:57:01 PM] Mike: lol [7:57:02 PM] Mike: urgay [7:57:54 PM] Andrew: must be watching with wife [7:59:23 PM] Jacob/Mimic: actually [7:59:25 PM] Jacob/Mimic: c12k likes glee [7:59:27 PM] Jacob/Mimic: for some reason [7:59:50 PM] Andrew: gay [7:59:59 PM] Andrew: u watch glee? [8:59:10 PM] c12k: glee has hot chicks and good music [8:59:20 PM] c12k: i stand by my statement [8:59:31 PM] Mimic: shit music [8:59:51 PM] c12k: they do alot of 80's music [9:00:01 PM] c12k: most of you were sperm back then
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