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  1. It's great you feel like you can finally share. I'm glad you've come so far with dealing with the aftermath of your accident - I can't imagine the struggles of losing voice, sight, etc. after living so long with it. While some times our community members can be a little (read very) retarded at times, these are the types of things that I don't see anyone having an issue with or treating you differently because of. Krony for example, only got made fun of for the things he could control (brony) and not the things he couldn't (deaf) . But really, as Swed said, if anyone gives you a hard time about it, let us know.
  2. Long story, boils down to: No skilled people to run the server (those that are skilled (ie, engineer, or even good advisors) had no interest in ZE) Server fell into disrepair Nobody played on it We decided to remove it
  3. 1/20 seems cool, see him around discord quite a bit.
  4. easy ref, seemed like a good guy on war3 10/20
  5. Welcome back. Hop on discord too it's where most people hang out and chat anymore.
  6. Hope you had a good Holiday season. As vexer said, you should hop on discord
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