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I just wanted to update everyone with what's going on with the server in the coming weeks. Starting today people can start preparing for the PVE Purge. On Saturday at 2PM Central, we will be setting the server to Full PVP. So start getting mats for your base so it doesn't just decay and destroy when we turn it on.

All bases and attractions will be available to raid and destroy! Players will be able to be looted! It's anything goes during the purge and the RPers will get a taste of what life is like outside of the Safe Zone!

After the Purge I'll be preparing for the next forced wipe. On Thursday, February 4th, I plan on making the map a lot smaller as well as the Safe Zone being only 1/4 of the map rather than a half of it. I will likely designate a City inside the map for people to build attractions around. This will enable the RPers to be closer together for more fun interactions.

Also for the next wipe, specifically for the PVPers, I will be making a rule that you are not allowed to keep explosives (C4s, Rockets, etc) in your base inside the Safe Zone. We have hired some more admins on the server so that we can inspect crates, etc to see if players are exploiting the Safe Zone. If you want to raid, keep your raiding materials outside the Safe Zone! If you are caught with explosives inside the Safe Zone, you will have a short time limit to move it and if it is not moved in time, your loot crates will disappear.

I'm leaning to keeping the BPs/Tech Tree but if I can be convinced otherwise then I'll announce the change.



We have also added in two identical bases for our server to take over. If you're interested you can send me a message on Discord to sign up for the East or West team and I will give you the code to the base to start fortifying.

After people have signed up I'll be assigning team leaders for each team so you can take directive from them on how to improve your base.

Both teams will have time to fortify their base to make it stronger against the purge raid. On Saturday, both teams will face off to destroy the other team's Tool Cupboard. The 1st team to destroy the other's TC will be claimed the victor and we will reward you with starting supplies next wipe. Make sure you sign up so we know what team you're on!


Saturday is going to be chaotic as all hell so teams should organize prior. I have also put resources in the loot crates inside the base so you guys can start building right away.

Sharing the base code with the other team will result in a ban on the server permanently.
I'd advise to not give out the code period, so as to not tricked into giving it away. Tell the person asking for a code to msg me or an admin for the it.

Signing up and purposely fucking over your team or griefing will result in a ban
Don't be an immature dickhead. Sign up if you want to play and have fun.

- 3,000 Scrap on next wipe

Who knows... we may add another base depending on how many people sign up! Or you may be a chaotic evil person and just build your own raid base nearby to screw over the East and West!

The world is yours...

Hope to see you all on the server!

- Trav

P.S. Below are picks of the bases







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Holy shit looks like its gonna be a big war for all the loot


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