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Official: Request Your Badge

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Have you been on Staff or on the Server Officer team? Request your badge in this thread.


How to obtain your badge:

  1. Locate and provide a link proving you meet the requirements for any of the badges above.
  2. Make a post in this thread with that link letting us know which badge(s) you're eligible for.
  3. You can earn both SO and Staff badges by having been on both teams.


Note: Due to the big rollback in late 2011, some of you may not be able to acquire the information necessary to earn a badge from the forum, in which case a screenshot of a conversation with a current Staff member or above corroborating your claim will suffice.


*Please Note:* Any post in this thread which isn't one requesting your badge with proof will earn the poster an infraction (5 points)—Want to keep this thread clean. If you have any questions or concerns related to this thread, please PM Staff.


- After your badge has been awarded, your post will be hidden to make awarding badges far easier.

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I also request the sG mapper badge since i've made 2 (in the process of a 3rd) surf maps
(future) surf_ford

these were all made specifically for sG if that matters
surf_methone and surf_grunz are currently active on the server
surf_ford will be active soon

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