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Warcraft 3 Changelog

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Fixed "eggs" displays (this applies to future events as well).



  • increase aphotic shield explosion radius by ~15%
  • fixed "curse" saying it was 2.5 seconds in length when it was in fact 3 seconds
  • increased curse chance from 30% to 40%

Increased Blade Master damage reduction during ultimate from 80% to 85%


Reduced Blood Hunter's "Blood Crazy" damage over time from 10 seconds to 5 seconds and increased damage per second from 1 to 2.


Increased Cannibal's invisibility when he gets hit


Increased radius of Jaraxxus ultimate by ~33%



  • Increased chance to burn/slow from 16% to 40%
  • Reduced spawn cooldown on ultimate from 15s to 10s
  • Reduced cooldown on ultimate from 25s to 12s

Increased Reaper's cooldown on the JetPack ultimate jump from 2 seconds to 6 seconds


Terran Ghost

  • You now fire 20% slower instead of 30% slower
  • Snipe costs 30 energy (down from 35)



decided to reduce Demon Hunter's fire damage on grenades slightly and make it so that you do not catch on fire unless they are actually going to deal fire damage (this prevents the annoying "burning" for 0 damage that just messes with your vision).


Motoko upgraded her camouflage technology during her ultimate

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Event has ended, check http://www.joinsg.net/topic/67828-summer-war3-event-august-21-to-august-31/page-2#entry907098for prize winners.


Event races changed as follows:



Shadow Warp ("into the void" ultimate) spawn cooldown increased from 30 to 35. Cooldown on use increased from 35 to 40 (the skill always said 40, but it was actually 45). Cooldown when blocked by immunity increased from 20 to 25.



Restricted chain and health

Changed a lot about detection. You will now spot him slightly sooner. The longer you look at him, the longer it takes him to "disappear" again. He is revealed when he gets a kill (for 0.2 seconds) or when he gets close to enemies. There really are a lot of changes here and I can't play for a couple days so please report anything buggy to me.



Restricted chain and health

Time to enter invisibility increased from 3 sec to 4 sec. Invisibility reduced from 85% to 80%

Radius of arcane blast reduced by 25%. Damage per hit reduced from 10 to 8.

Evocation cooldown increased from 40 to 45.

Flame strike total damage reduced from 60 to 50. Flame strike now requires line-of-sight on enemies.

Cooldown of critical mass increased from 30 to 35.

Frost Nova slow increased slightly,Cooldown and spawn cooldown reduced slightly.

Ice block cooldown increased from 20 to 24 seconds. "window of immunity" when iceblock triggers reduced from 0.25 seconds to 0.18 seconds.



Doom can now only trigger from rifles, pistols, and knife hits. Doom can only trigger on hits more than 8 damage.




Non event race stuff:

Banshee (Changes live on restart)

Reduced screen shake slightly.

Made it so bash cannot trigger from the ultimate damage.

Increased cooldown and spawn cooldown on ultimate.


Lobotomist is now a tester race



Thor is not bugged. In testing I saw the tazer hit as high as ~400 damage (meaning thor could deal as high as ~200).

I've capped Thor's damage at a max of 60 per hit.


Fixed Golden Tail's poison carrying over after round end.

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Reduced demon hunters longjump and nade damage slightly.


Increased slow from frost armor on khadgar

Completely removed "window of immunity" from iceblock and made the cooldown 15 seconds


Added 100 HP to Pudge, put a slight delay on the hook. Just gonna see how that goes.

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On restart


Archmage Proudmoore: Increase bonus hp from 35 to 50

Frost Giant: Increased change to bash and do bonus dmg from 18% to 20%

Gravitas: Added a 40% slow to his high gravity skill, also deny speed/longjump/flying of enemies affected by it

Hand of God: Reduced cooldown of forward slash from 5 to 4


  • Now has a 50% chance to pull with bullets (down from 100%)
  • The pull strength now has a variable of randomness, on average it will be slightly less strong than before
  • The ultimate now has a 1.5 sec CD, up from 1.0 sec CD

Marine: Speed is now 90% of base speed instead of 85%

P250 Agent: Now deals additional headshot damage

Shadow Hunter: Wards now deal 7dps instead of 4, ultimate now reduced dmg by 80% instead of 75%

Shadow Lurker: Now deals a bonus 12 dmg per hit instead of 10

Soul Reaper:

  • Judgement range increased by 50%
  • Ultimate range increased by 40%
  • Ultimate damage increased by 30%


  • Slow length on burstfire increased from 2 sec to 3 sec, slow increased from 40% to 60%
  • Fire damage on automatic increased from 10 to 20, burn time decreased from 1.5 to 1.0
  • Damage reduction on burstfire increased from 30 to 35%
  • Combo damage on burst fire increased from 10 to 15
  • Ability on automatic now gives you ammo up to your maximum ammo count you spawn with (45 at max level)

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Some may not happen till restart:


Bob the Novice: slightly more of a novice than before

Default: Now has immunity to a few extra effects (slow, bash, esp, targeting)

Exalted Sorcerer: Staff of Turning no longer deals bonus damage. Staff of Turning can only affect someone once every 5 seconds. Hat of Draining now drains 4 instead of 5. Robe of Redirection can now only redirect up to 8 damage instead of 10. Boots of Illusion now give 25% speed down from 35%. Hat of Radiance also makes you immune to ESP

Exile of Wraeclast: Speed from flask is +40% down from +50%. Crits now deal +60% damage down from +100%

Impetus: The changes from my previous post were reverted and instead the pull-effect on bullets has a 3 second cooldown. No more juggling, even with RNG. But, this does give you the initial-knockup 100% of the time, so that could be good.

Magneto: Reduced radius of disarm from 600 units to 400 units (jeez 600 mfw). Made disarm require line of site. Goes on cooldown even if it doesn't hit a player.

Night Elf: Entangle cooldown reduced from 25 to 22. This is to counteract the previous "nerf" of adding a 4-second CD to prevent spamming it.

Pyromaniac: Knife knockback now has a 4 second cooldown

Zergling: Ultralisk now has 50% dmg reduction down from 60% and deals +10 additional damage instead of +20

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New commands:


"guns" brings up a menu to purchase M4A1S, M4A4, and AK47. Can only be used in spawn. Cannot be used if the weapon is restricted or if you are holding a primary weapon.

"guns m4a1s" buys an m4a1s, "guns ak47" and "guns m4a4" work similarly.


bug notice: if there is a bug with this plugin and you find it and abuse it to get cash, I will ban you and strip you of whatever you may have gained by exploiting it. I will probably overcompensate and take more levels than you could have bought. I highly doubt there is a bug to abuse, but if there is and you find or hear about it please immediately tell me or another staff member.

REMEMBER in the global MOTD: "Do not cheat in any way, hack, or exploit any feature on the servers."

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  • Fixed a bug where you could not purchase usp-s or cz75a through the menu in certain cases.
  • Fixed bugs where you would not get guns from a wish. I left some debug messages on by accident, they aren't too bad and will disappear after the next restart. Apparently this needs more testing so removing until I can get it to stop bugging
  • Fixed bug where magnus/selune could return to spawn with hostage


  • Pudge hook delay removed
  • Undead scourge now runs 5% faster, has 3% more life steal, and explodes for a little more damage
  • Gnomish Engineer gets slightly less regen and HP

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Shinobi Aruki was released

Neve is tester


Fixed some text prints on Deadly Decoy related to damage you deal

Made it so Priests get their respawns when the round starts instead of on their first spawn of the round. This means you can't swap to priest mid-round and get respawns.




  • Krillin now reduces headshot damage instead of evading, for less of an RNG fest
  • Star Lord now runs slower, takes slightly more damage, and some of the effects from the ultimate have been buffed slightly.
  • Wizard of the Everlasting now absorbs 50% of damage with his armor, instead of 100%.

More than 65% of races currently have expertise

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In an effort to reduce the exceedingly annoying mechanics:


Impetus teleport is 2 sec CD (up from 1) and now it cannot teleport if bashed (this includes things like entangle)


Boreas ultimate has a slightly longer cooldown and lasts slightly less long. Boreas' chance to bash is marginally better.


If you think any skill is annoying to the extent of hurting the fun of most players, feel free to post or mention it to me. It is important to understand the difference between "overpowered" and "annoying", though.

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Added console prints for both players when an attack is evaded. Now you can't get away with saying "You evaded like 10 shots!" unless it actually happened.


Commands "xp" and "showxp" now both show the total experience you have acquired on that race.


Dunpeal: Restricted periapt, reduced evade chance slightly.


Impetus now makes a teleport noise at both locations (where it is and where it teleports to) when using its teleport. The cooldown has been reduced back to 1 second.


Ruthless Mercenary helmet now only resists 50% of the headshot damage (down from 100%).


Tyrande Whisperwind is now live.


Wizard of New Tristram is now tester.



All sorts of bugs have been caused by the CSGO update. I'm aware.

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Distortion: Slightly reduced generation of blink charges (because there is basically no point to having "charges" when they regen faster than you can reasonably use them) and lowered ability damage some


Neve: fixed getting nades with 0 levels in the skill


Ogre Stonethrower: fixed nade swapping when they spawn


Pudge: Reduced HP first 2 rounds of map


Terongor: fixed bug where doom applied curse of exhaustion


Trekt: fixed bug where a "rekt" shot always killed (assuming the t-rekt didn't fire twice consecutively)


Zergling: can no longer move while burrowed before round starts

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Anti Mage: Damage from ultimate upped pretty dramatically.


Blood Hunter: Damage from ultimate upped dramatically, enemy HP required for your crit to proc was upped dramatically as well. Willing to reduce these values if it's too much.


Blood Mage: Lowered ultimate cooldown from 10 to 2 and also increased chance of stealing money


Bob: Mask is now restricted. Also some of his skill values are nerfed ever so slightly.


Chronos: Mini bash now deals 5 damage


Gnomish Engineer: Saronite Bombs no longer persist through death. Saronite Bomb damage has been reduced slightly. You are slowed less when polymorphed.


Luna: Eclipse ultimate now triggers a few more times and the radius is a little larger.


Motoko: slightly more speed, invis during ult slightly higher, bonus damage from "Sneak attack" during ult slightly higher


Spy: Now is hidden from radar when he gets a disguise


Warden: Slightly upped chance of shadow strike proccing


Zergling: Ult CD from 6 to 8, base dmg reduction from 30% to 20% (this affects all mutations as well), chance of getting mutagen on kill reduced from 100% to 75% (just to make chaining things like Ultralisk harder) 

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  • Realm of Gods from 2.0 hp/sec to 2.5hp/sec (when you haven't been attacked in the last 10 seconds)
  • Realm of Titans from 20% bonus damage to 30% bonus damage
  • Realm of Humans from 26% damage reduction to 30% damage reduction
  • Realm of Animals (45% speed) unchanged
  • Realm of Ghosts from 20% lifesteal to 24% lifesteal.
  • Restricted Mask (because it would stack with Realm of Ghosts, should have already been restricted)


It's sort of an interesting race that doesn't see much play so hopefully this will maybe make it played without being op op. Before anybody dumb thinks all those buffs are too strong, remember the race only spawns into one "Realm" and does not get all those effects.

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Fixed /guns (and other related commands) saying "you aren't in buy zone" when you are in fact in the buy zone.

If you get this error when you are in a buy zone or if you are able to use it when you aren't in a buy zone (likely above or below the buyzone, if possible) please tell me or post it on the bug thread.


Probably fixed the bug where lots of skills break until the server restarts.


Made it so that wish overrides any guns you are given. If you have a wish, you will lose whatever gun you spawn with and get the gun you had before. You will not be able to spawn with guns you can't use (so swapping to accuri with wish+ak47 shouldn't cause issues) but if you can (e.g. swapping to steve with m4+wish) you will lose your gun you spawn with. Pls don't complain cause your dumb.


Fixed mole not allowing you to suicide bomb for the rest of the game.


Made it so that Impetus checks for knockback immunity (not relevant right now because no race checks has it)


Made it so Shadespawn can only ult if they are standing on the ground.

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Some sweeping changes to movement.

THIS IS A TEST CHANGE. I can VERY EASILY revert this stuff in an instant. Just gonna see how it goes for a few days probably then decide where to go from there.

Most races that have bonus speed or flying can no longer buy longjump. Most races that have longjump can no longer by boots. There are a couple exceptions (e.g. I let Archimonde keep boots available, most knife races didn't get any new restrictions) but if you notice anything that seems wrong (a race that has neither speed or LJ has one restricted or a race that has some speed doesnt have lj restricted, etc. please tell me and I will tell you if it is intentional or if I'll change it or whatever.

Boots and LJ function like neck/shield in the shop menu. You can have one or the other, but never both. You pick one and you are stuck with it until you lose it.

I have added a variable for us making it very easy to remove the shopmenu restriction on boots/longjump.
I have also added a variable so that we could add a round-start cooldown on "longjump" if we wanted to very easily.

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  • Fixed a lot of races being able to respawn through shenanigans when they shouldn't be able to respawn. If you notice being able to respawn on a race when you did not start the round as that race, please tell me and please do not abuse it.
  • Removed Chandra Nalaar (dev race I was messing with), not really fun enough to be worth the grief it would cause.
  • "Spawn Cooldowns" now only trigger if you spawn while the round is not LIVE. If you spawn in freeze time or after a round has ended, you get a cooldown. If you spawn after freeze time has ended but before the round has ended, you do not get a cooldown.
  • Hand of God is now killed by the nearest enemy when they use their ultimate (no longer a suicide, meaning it hits your K/D less hard and also you get round win cash)

edit: fixed a bug where Bob the Novice was not getting ult immunity since my last changes to it... woops

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Gave Marine its m4a4 back.

It now has an "overheating" mechanic where you can only fire so much before your gun needs to "cool off". The overlay is used to display this effect.


I gave the same effect to Reaper.


Essentially, they still have near-unlimited ammo but you can't just yolo spam a door for the whole map without being unable to fire for 5 seconds (if it overheats).

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Fixed model bugs with ESP where the ESP model did not match the players model, so it made it look weird (like this: http://puu.sh/kNKWC/4c77e7abae.jpg). Will be fixed on restart.


I'm also doing a Server 2 Playtest tonight.

All players are welcome, but I'd appreciate it if I can get some regulars in on it.

It will be at approximately 8PM CDT (4 hours from the time of this post). You will be able to join the server by pasting the following into console:

connect; password playtest

XP from the play test will not be saved and I will probably be handing out xp/levels/cash like it is candy (just to get more use out of the play test). There will also be no level restrictions on the races that are ready to be tested (~26 of them). There are also 10 new items.

Be aware, races are all tweaked to be substantially stronger and it is based more on countering other players races.

Balance is probably really poor as well since it is 26 unplayed races and 10 new items.

Hope to see you there.

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  • Removed Boot/LJ exclusivity
  • Orcish Warrior
    • ​​​Fixed a bug where it had 100% crit chance. Fixed a bug where crits triggered crits. What this means is, if you were hit by orc for any amount of damage you would die instantly.
    • Since nobody even noticed orc had 100% crit, it obv needs a buff Kappa. Gave it a weaker version of longjump.
    • Added a 2 second cooldown to knife-chainlightning so you can't wipe a whole team by slashing a Blink Demon a few times.
  • Fixed true damage (this applies to zergling unborrow damage on Server 1 as well).
    • this means next time, MVP will be available.
  • Blink Demon
    • Restricted Necklace of Immunity and Holy Shield
    • Blink Demons now deal massive fire damage against other Blink Demons. This might be confusing to ~60% of the people who came to the play test, but those who were there on CS_OFFICE sat through two Blink Demons slashing each other until the round ended more than once. At least Tansen had some nice music for us to make it hilarious.
  • Increased crit damage on Sword of Striking from 30% to 40%.
  • Increased bash chance of Hammer of Smashing slightly.
  • Removed disarm on Glacius's ability. Added an entangle-like visual effect to it as well.
  • Human Hero is now restricted to M4A1-S
  • Simo, the White Death now only needs 2 seconds to charge his rifle (down from 3).
  • The Undead
    • Life steal lowered from 30% to 25%
    • Added a skill that gives 20% speed and lowgrav
  • Fixed a bug on Xandro Blooddrinker that gave him a 100% chance to "expose vulnerabilities" increasing the damage the enemies took by 20% (it was supposed to be 40% chance).


Other suggestions and shop items are welcome. Just PM me on steam or post it in the server 2 suggestion thread. Thanks again to everybody who was able to be there.

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In light of the PC movement, I have decided to make War3 into a s a f e s p a c e for all players.


Black Mage: Reduced chance of triggering players by stealing their respawns from 40% to 30%.


Cho'gall: There was a bug where sometimes Cho'gall was able to use his ultimate. I increased the cooldown on spawn and on use by 5 seconds each to reduce the chance of triggering 2 enemy players.


Demon Hunter: This race was really t r i g g e r i n g. Reduced chance of triggering by blocking respawn on hit from 50% to 33%. Reduced grenades you spawn with from 2 to 1 (50% less triggering!).


Dunpeal: Reduced the silencing aura radius from 600 units to 500 units to have a lower chance of simultaneously silencing and triggering enemies.


Exalted Sorcerer: Huge triggering by using auto snipers with staff of turning. Staff of turning can no longer be t r i g g e r e d by auto snipers as to prevent triggering of players.


Golden-Tail: This race triggered quite a few people so I changed ult cooldown from 0.9 to 1.1 and reduced evade chance by 5%.


Archmage Khadgar: Nani got thoroughly trigged by a bizon headshot crit 1 hitting him at 150 hp so I reduced the bonus damage from critical hits.


Kil'Jaeden: The ability was triggering some players so I reduced the radius from 800 to 600.


Lord Jaraxxus: Now properly resets your player from purple.


Neve: Invis on ultimate is now 85% (down from 95%). Sometimes it was hard to see Neve and that can be very triggering to players.


Night Elf Elder: Can now be seen on radar during ultimate. This should make the ultimate almost useless which is great for players who were triggered by it.


Pudge: Oh boy, this race was as trigger happy as the NRA. The ultimate now lasts 1.5 seconds instead of 2 seconds. The hook now does 25 damage instead of 30. The hook range was reduced from 1600 to 1000 units. Also sometimes rot hit players through walls so I reduced the radius on that slightly because why not.


Reaper: This race was fast and that's hard to hit so now its not as fast.


Shadespawn: this race was pretty invis with its knife so now its not as invis cause that is 2hard2see4me. Also you can't use your ult if you are in invis because that is 2triggering.


Sin: Now has a lower max HP because hitting a player for ~200 damage and not killing them is quite triggering to the average player.


Takeno: Fixed a bug where Takeno was a playable race.


Teron'gor: Sometimes Doom hurt players so now it only deals 3 damage per 1 second for 4 seconds. Additional hits refresh the duration.


Voodoo Witchdoctor: Sometimes the ult upset players so now it is less good.


Zergling: Even tho mutations took quite a bit of effort to acquire, they upset players. Mutations all had their cost increased by 1. Raptor now has 15% dodge instead of 20% and 20% bonus speed instead of 30%. Also, when a zergling unborrows his longjump goes on cooldown for 3 seconds and he can't attack for 2 seconds.



I hope these changes will make you feel like war3 is a safe space for all players. If you feel triggered by skills make sure to tell me so that I can ruin everyone else's fun so that you don't have to ever experience that feeling again.



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