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Warcraft 3 Changelog

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The XP curve was changed to be an actual curve. It is now easier to gain levels at first, and harder to gain them starting around level 40. In other words, getting to level 15-20 is much easier, maxing out races is a bit easier, and getting to level 100 (or higher) is much harder. This will make expertise more meaningful as we start to add some of those to give people to shoot for after maxing out races.


Here's a picture:




Shoot, I forgot to change "Chart Title".

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Mimic and I have fixed the ad problem for the foreseeable future.


If you're wondering what was happening, there's been an exploit in CSGO for a long time that people were using to upload an ad plugin to the server (and many other CS:GO servers in the world). We've added an extension which completely blocks this. We would never put ads or anything like that on our servers.

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I neglected to add that SuccubusPimp was added; Thorgot had to recompile it for me due to my compiling against a newer version of csgo. this caused issues for other races and is now resolved. I did go in to restrict health, speed, and jump items for the race. 

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nerfed/buffed a bunch of stuff - results will be pushed in a few days time.


Special thanks to Ika. for bringing these things to my attention.


Succubus Hunter

  • Increased skull gain from 5-30% chance to 15-40% chance
  • Scaled skull gain appropriately with shotguns

Human Lawnmower

  • Increased movement speed from 8-42% to 25-50%
  • Scaled damage resist from 10-50% to 25-50%
  • Increased fly time from 1-3 seconds to 1-4 seconds

SWAT Officer

  • Fixed a bug where bonus damage was not working
  • Implemented a new skill "Combat Training"

Dread Knight

  • Buffed auto-entangle from 1.5 seconds to 2.0 seconds
  • Implemented a new skill "Corruption"
  • Ultimate still pending - reasons being the code for this race is complicated and I want to keep the complexity for each skill :D

Succubus pimp??? the fuk?

  • I think I fixed the headshot evasion
  • I think I fixed the ult? Now blinds all enemies in a 50 ft radius around the player (instead of just one in front of you like before, regardless of whether that player was looking at you or not)
  • Driz msg me we got shit to talk about <3

Soul Reaper

  • Increased range of Ult from 30 ft to 50 ft


  • Increased power of longjump from 25-35ft to 30-40ft per jump
  • Increased invisibility from 50% invisibility at max to 60% invisibility at max
  • Gobble now increases maximum hp cap by 20-80 (so cannibal can now have 140-200 hp with gobble)


  • Invisibility reduced from 50% invisibility at max to 40% invisibility at max
  • Hp regeneration decreased from 2.2 hp/second at max to 2.05 hp/second at max
  • Ultimate now gives notifications


  • Increased storm bolt radius from 15-22.5 ft to 20-30ft
  • Damage reduction now works and also reduces damage by 5-20%
  • Increased movement speed from 6-15% to 10-25%

Master Sniper

  • Fixed/Reworked precision
  • Now spawns with the pistol "five seven" instead of "desert eagle"

All description files were changed accordingly

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($1000) Dwarven Sunglasses - Reduces flash duration by 75%.


The defense category had too many items to fit on one page, so I split it into Magic Defense and Defense. If you had your binds to buy items using numbers, you may have to change them. I'd recommend using the item's name (found on the shopinfo page for each).

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Preemptive patch notes:

  • Added Priest.
  • Added Remilia Scarlet.
  • Added Anti Mage.
  • Double XP for the event.
  • Note that these three races will have a higher minimum level and a max per team after the event ends.
  • Made !respawn_spawn/!respawn_none/!respawn_normal a cookie so it across sessions.
  • Added spendskills options which is also a cookie that persists across sessions.
    • !spendskills_always - display the spendskills menu automatically if you have available skill points (like it currently does) or if it's opened manually.
    • !spendskills_on_level - only display the spendskills menu when you level (if you have available skill points) or if you open it manually.
    • !spendskills_never - the only time spendskills will pop up is if you type spendskills or choose it through a menu.
  • You can view your cookies and their setting with sm_cookies in the console.
  • Crusader's Wish always lasts until the next round now, even if you respawn any number of times.
  • Fixed buggy visual Fire Damage (fire appearing after someone dies)
  • I think I fixed master sniper kills sometimes not showing person who died. Let me know if other races need this fix!


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