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Races from a long closed server

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Many years ago I used to play on WarcraftAzeroth and when it closed I joined the SG family. I had to make a new account to post since my old credentials seemed to have been wiped due to years of inactivity. There were some interesting races there that I think would be good on SG WCS. I did not create any of these races personally and all credit goes to the original author.


Beholder (8 lvls/4 Skills)

1. Light Distortion
- Distort light in your favor,granting invisibility

2. Relocate
- Warp to a given location (ability)

3. Command Aura
- Increases the damage of your team

4. Reveal  All (Ultimate)
- Reveal all hidden enemies.

This one was like shadow lurker on the server now only.
This one could be changed up a bit. The reveal all only
lasted between 5-10 seconds so it wasn't permanent.


Devouring One [Hero] (8 lvls/6 Skills)

1. Metabolic Boost
-Boost Movement Speed of the Zergling (This was self only)

2. Adrenal Glands
-Claws deal additional damage

3. Advanced Carapace
- Harden skin to withstand attacks

4. Feral Sphere
- Increase Health and Damage of Zerglings on your team

5. Call Zerglings (Ultimate)
- Summon Zerglings to you.

6. Burrow (ability)
- Burrow into the ground to become undetectable.

This one was very interesting race. The call zerglings skill
actually resurrected an dead zerglings on your team. I thought
it was a bit overpowered but id did make for interesting games.
I don't see this race being added,but I thought it was fun to play.


Seraphim (8 lvls/8 Skills)

1. Divinus Vis
- Addition health for your team

2. Kyrie Eleison
- Grant ultimate immunity to your team mates

3. Divinum Flamen
- Increase speed of your team mates

4. Angelus Pennae
- Reduce the gravity of your team mates

5. Curatio (ability)
- Heal yourself or a team mate

6. Via Caelum
- Traverse the skies (ability 2)

7. Excrucio
- Punish your enemies

8. Agnus Dei (Ultimate)
- Self-sacrifice to revive all player in team.

This race was always fun to play. The longer you lived the
more you helped your team. The ultimate was great for turning
the tide on a stacked enemy team. It could only be used once
per round,even if you respawned. If memory served,it couldn't
be activated til a minimum of one minute into the round.


Druid (8 lvls/8 Skills)

1. Mark of the Wild
- Increased health,speed, and armor.

2. Wrath
- Deal additional nature damage

3. Rejuvenation (ability)
- Restore targets health over time

4. Lifebloom (ability 2)
- Restore targets health over time (Bigger heal,shorter duration)

5. Moonfire
- Cause arcane damage over time

6. Entangling Roots
- Root an enemy

7. Thorns Aura
- Return damage

8. Shapeshift
- Shapeshift into various feral forms

This race was very strong and went through alot of balancing.
The heal was particularly strong. If you used both healing
abilities,you would heal to full health. Lifebloom was strongest,
so it had a higher cooldown. Shapeshift either gave you more health
or higher evade I believe.



I don't know the capabilities of the warcraft mod in CSGO and these races were made in Source,so some may be impossible.

Here is a link to my imgur album with screenshots of many more races from that server. Some we have,so are new.

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I like the last two but I'd have to put some serious thought into the numbers probably. Seraphim ult would be weird. Maybe resurrect up to 5 dead allies or something. Otherwise I need to add more respawn-blocking so you can do something about a seraphim camping spawn until 1 minute.


"Devouring One" - you should type "raceinfo zergling" on the server. I personally think it is more interesting than the iteration of the race you posted.


For "Beholder" I might be missing something here. It seems pretty weak unless the invis is supposed to be like 95%, but if it is it probably shouldn't get a rifle (like shadow lurker) but then I feel like it would just be a "different" shadow lurker (and we already have p250 agent which is pretty much that).

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Devouring one was like the mother zerg. There could be 2-3 zerglings and the mother that would summon the others as well as resurrecting them. It was considered a hero class and was only available to supporters. I liked it,but I didn't really think it would be added to the sg server.


Beholder was basically shadow lurker,only it could be used to reveal invisible races for a short time and had a teleport. I think a race with a map wide reveal would be appealing,but not a clone of your current shadow lurker.


I figured I would put the races up and let you all decide what is good or bad. Balancing is always an issue so I leave all that up to the engineers.

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