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  1. Bulldog


    Click here for 2020 Secret Santa, y’all
  2. As others said, round time is a big one. I think looking at what CTs can and cannot do is a big thing too. I remember something I started to see a lot more often in JB was CTs joining who had played on other servers and just start going off on the Ts as they would on other servers as they didn't know our server had so many different rules. This would often get them CT'd and then they'd either leave, or they would stay on T and we'd have a lack of CTs which then made it too easy to rebel and unfairly split. I really think it would be worth it to go look at what some of the currently popular JB servers are doing and maybe incorporate some of their ideas into our server. Also, @Wolfshade, please let me know what I can do to assist you. While I love all the sG servers, JB is truly my favorite and I'd love to see you revive it to what it's wonder it once was. Thank you for taking this on.
  3. Bulldog


    Oh my! Nice to see you again! It's been too long. :)
  4. I appreciate how you listed JB as your favorite server. 3/20
  5. Such a nice guy on the server. Long time player and from what I see, friend of many. Best of luck, buddy. Perfect candidate for SO, in my honest opinion ( wink wink @Clamps ) 15/20
  6. Bulldog


    Sherman! I remember you now--it's all coming back. Glad to see you on the server the other night. Hope you enjoy your stay.
  7. Shod! So awesome to see you here! Welcome, my friend.
  8. Let's goooo. 15/20 Referred List: Sean, Sweetrock, Imperium, Tyrone, xmen, The Ben, infested marine, Noah, HelloJoe, Juicebox, SmugJack, Trelvick, Sakarra, zebra, Bulldog
  9. 22/20 Aye, Referred List: Dylan, Sweetrock, Trelvick, Imperium, daniel, Sean, The Ben, HelloJoe, Juicebox, Moose, Chaos, Tyrone, infested marine, Leeeroy, Jah, SmugJack, Agrippa, cookie eater, Sharpie, Sakarra, zebra, Bulldog
  10. Sure. On War3 with them now. 19/20 Referred List: Moose, Sweetrock, Sean, The Ben, Trelvick, daniel, Imperium, Chaos, Zebra, Tyrone, xmen, infested marine, Juicebox, SmugJack, Cookite eater, spiderpigrider, Militant Vegan, Sakarra, Bulldog
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