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  1. [Yes +1]: Beerman (+ 1) [No -1]: (- 0)
  2. Dakota


    imagine trying to piggy back off of somebody else's joke. can't relate
  3. Dakota


    imagine being so two head you still fall for this obvious lie. @Sean The kids will believe anything around christmas time
  4. Dakota


    you living in a garage keeps me up at night. When will sG band together to gofundme some proper housing for Yunki??
  5. Dakota


    I nominate whoever was in charge of this decision for the The Temple Grandin Autism Awareness Award. It was probably yunki tho
  6. I'll need your address first.
  7. Ahhhh yeah boys! Fuck the ROs it's my time to shine. I'm gonna have a tournament of the most tense, most skilled, and most competitive game known to man. Not PUBG, CSGO, DOTA, fuck Fortnite: it's Connect 4. Who has what it takes to defeat the reigning champ: SWED! Here's the deal: It'll be on the 13th of December. Starting time to be announced but aiming for 1pm CST. Sign Up by the 11th. Just fucking post in this thread or PM me in discord if you're down so I can add you to the bracket. Show up. I'll blacklist you from anything fun again if you sign up and bail. No brofests, no events. I'll find you. It's going to be best of 9, first to 5 wins, no loser's bracket. I'll post the site below so you guys can fuck about in it. I'm not gonna make you guys take screenshots. If y'all start debating about who wins, I'll improvise. That being said. Don't cheat. There is a 15 second time for turns. Don't miss a turn and use some weird website that tells you how to win at connect 4. It's a game for 5 year olds. Use your brain. Compliment me on my event planning skills. This is not limited to sG members. Randos welcome, but if one wins the grand prize I'm going to be salty ngl. Join the sG discord day of event so I can round up all you idiots. Bracket will be posted the 12th with the start time. Again, aiming for about 1pm CST. PRIZES: Respect Honor The Knowledge You Could Mentally Beat a 5 year old Anything else I can convince people to contribute a Badge An Actual Copy of Connect Four. This is gonna kick off the summer winter right. So grab some beer, liquor, or bud and lets play some Competitive Connect Four. The website (which is mobile compatible) we are using is: https://c4arena.com/ Thank you-
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