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  1. The rule where you can't take back your vote is still dumb. I'd have it 19/20 rn
  2. joined after fucking a member, stayed after the fucking stopped. That's loyalty. 19/20
  3. To say ""Racism is by NO MEANS allowed" means you think the n-word appearing in any media is racist. So again, the songs that we post in #music by black artists that say the n-word is now considered racist by sG . We have never had this problem in the entire being of the discord server until today.
  4. You're talking about things on the server instead of discord. For years and years we have freely posted non-racist songs with slurs in it from hip hop artists, and posted videos of publicfreakouts of racists getting their comeuppance. This isn't the "i said niggardly, that's not racist" bullshit trying to circumvent the rule. The video is not racist. I did not post it to be racist. ALSO that's literally not what the global guidelines say, it's very clearly says when it's used against a person or object. Obviously there is a grander unwritten no racism rule but I'd love for you to go on discord and search both n-words and find out if they were ever punished. Overt racism is literally allowed and tolerated as a difference of opinion as long as slurs aren't used, but a video of a black man saying the n-word is racist?
  5. "you being you, couldn't let that go." I don't think i should be expected to let it go. At no point in moose's or daniel's posts in my thread did they even bring up the rule that was made in the first place. Had I brought another admin into it, there is no way a serious discussion would have happened to the extent it did and I would have been told "it's just a kick don't worry about it" or "it's admin discretion. Their say is final." Honestly. The defense is that because it has the n-word in it, it's considered inherently racist and NSFW. They keep saying I posted a random video, as if I had posted it and just left the chat. I came in with a purpose, but daniel just saw "wow this is racist." Also @Moose my intention on bringing up the other discord was never to be threatening, simply saying that daniel thinking a week long ban will only hurt me is dumb as hell. You'd get an invite too. We got a nice @cod group in there now. Overall, I'm glad to see it reduced to a day or something for the ban evading, which I can relent and admit to. It's still doesn't change the fact that daniel was a complete retard trying to use JB logic on discord that led to the banning in the first place. I had no idea it was an hour ban, same way I had no idea it was a week ban. Daniel made no attempt to inform me of either.
  6. DUE TO TINYCHAT GETTING AIDS, WE HAVE MOVED TO ZOOM. https://us04web.zoom.us/j/2178193173
  7. Just post here so clamps can't infract us for posting in the complaint department. [Rooty cat phish] What kind of idiot doesn't have recovery options set up for their main email account? If anybody got a hold of my password I can reset everything through my phone. Facebook twitter Gmail everything is connected to my phone. Who the fuck gets phished anymore anyways?
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