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  1. Adams


    15th in poe race huh? How did that go??
  2. Thank you, Adams for your donation of 20.00 USD! Your donation will be put to good use, and helps keep this community running. Thanks for the support, Syndicate Gamers Staff and Community
  3. Name: James Age: 27 Location: Michigan Steam ID: STEAM_1:0:21348253 Favorite Server: SG| Skill Surf About Yourself: 27, work too much and surf too much Do you use a Microphone? Yes Have you previously been a member of a gaming community, if so which one? I haven't been in a gaming community before Link to Introduction Thread:
  4. Adams


    My name is Adams (well, last name) and I mostly play CSGO and Rust. I love your guys surf server and play it pretty much everyday! New to the SG forums. Was linked by Zebra a million times
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