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  1. 7 hours ago, SpartanSakaro said:

    The problem is not about them ranking up and getting admin, the problem is that we now have cancer in the community and the only way to get rid of it is if they are such cancer that it breaks actual server and forum rules. Also saying that it's fine because you need 30 referrals is dumb, there are far more than 30 active members in this community. And as many have already said. Most of the time they do not vote in an app that has already passed 20. 

    I also want to bring up the fact that there have been people who refer someone who later on wish they could retract the referral but are not allowed too. Sure you can say that it's solution is to simply wait to the end of the month to vote on the app. But let's be honest, very few people will wait untill the last week or day to vote on someone. Hell I am sure there have been people who wanted to wait and see and ended up forgetting to vote. 

    I agree that you should be able to retract a vote if you choose, but my concern was people influencing a vote on a potentially good member who maybe just had one falling out with someone. Not completely saying you shouldn’t be able to vote no, but that we should just be aware when specific people are influencing whether or not someone gets accepted. Overall I think needing 30 refs is a good and fair requirement, but adding the ability to down vote that might make the process of getting accepted a bit tougher. While it’s important to keep toxic out of the community, a strict recruitment process may ward off potentially good members. That’s basically the point I wana make

  2. 2 hours ago, FreeLancer said:

    Kinda stupid that if a non-member is disliked or strongly disliked by someone in the community there is a chance that they'll just get everyone to not accept the recruit. In other words

    Circle Jerk. Sometimes it could be a decent applicant but they get sabotaged and become disinterested in the community afterward. I'm not saying to open the flood gates and let anyone and everyone in, but somehow toxicity should be reduced or an entirely new system could be put into place. Honestly I have no direct answer to this issue but I just chose to express my thoughts on the matter.

    I agree, someone shouldn't be denied to the community because of 1 or 2 people not liking them as much as other's. From what I've noticed, high ranking individuals in the community can pose a certain kind of influence to make it harder for the applicant to be accepted. Like Trav mentioned in another post, if they get accepted into the community and end up being a poor member, you can still vote no on rank applications. Also, 30 refs now to get accepted. I noticed people saying that the community doesn't have a say anymore, but you still have the choice to not ref someone you don't like, which has a pretty significant impact in my eyes considering 30 isn't exactly a small number.

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