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  1. I mean, the halo master chief collection (PC) keeps releasing new (old) games. Just released Halo 3 recently and I am hyped for the halo odst release. I'd start there.
  2. Dude, Trav is chill boomer. Leave him be. He usually lets people do whatever and is everyone's mate. I mean, is anyone's guess on the rest tho.
  3. Trelvick


    Nice seeing you on here.
  4. 6/20 Honestly, just happy you are applying man.
  5. I mean....it's a minigame in the party game. But it is also free. Possible Sunday Funday? https://jackboxgames.com/drawful-two/
  6. I was kinda concerned what the big secret with you was. I'm glad to hear it now. I hope you coming out here helps you come out in the future and allow you to share without fear about our reactions ever again.
  7. Do the gold bars have random effects or are they just a counter?
  8. 5/20 Welcome to the autism club. (not joking either )
  9. A shame you have to wait a whole month. But welcome to the forums at least.
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