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  1. Do the gold bars have random effects or are they just a counter?
  2. 5/20 Welcome to the autism club. (not joking either )
  3. A shame you have to wait a whole month. But welcome to the forums at least.
  4. Why dafuq aren't you back in already? 12/20
  5. 2/20 SG needs to build back a bit, and I say to try them and see.
  6. From the depths of mars, and the center of the arctic. An icy monstrosity has been born. @Mr Eagle This disturbing being, does nothing but munch on ice all day/night long. Slurping and gurgling until the cows come home. Gentlemen, I put a motion towards you. We must remove the ice, end this destructive being before he turns our hopes (and voice chat) into a frosty vocal horror. #BanMrIce
  7. Trelvick

    Rust is back!

    Hey if you want to pop that's up to you. I just want the server to be running smooth and for vex (and karma) to have people on to enjoy it with them. Also use terms you understand when insulting people (seriously it's like listening to a child scream cussing racist words). I like talking to most people and women are no exception, sexual discrimination is immature and so are your comments directing towards it.
  8. Trelvick

    Rust is back!

    HYPE!!!! But seriously, get your ass on the server and help pop.
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