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  1. You are invited to sG’s Golf With Your Friends Masters Tournament! The Tournament will take place on Sunday, November 8th @ 7:00 PM Central Time! Just because Halloween will be over doesn't mean we can't enjoy SPOOKY course for our main event! - Join us for a night of fun playing mini golf with the community! - 3 courses will be played for the participants to qualify for the main event! - Qualifiers are decided by lowest stroke count across every qualifier course, and the top 12 players will move on to the main event! - Ties for qualification will be settled with a wildcard match, in which the players who are tied will play on Forest, and at the end of each hole the player who has the highest stroke count is eliminated! - Ties for the Main Event will be settled in a similar fashion to the wildcard match. We will replay each hole on Haunted until 1 player has fewer strokes than the others. - Collisions will be OFF, random spawns are ON, and only ONE jump per hole! - If more than 12 players participate in the qualifiers, I will randomly make groups to decide the lobbies (I will use random.org/lists/) Show up early to check in (the lobbies will open up before 7:00), if you are late you will be INELIGBLE to participate! Qualifier Courses Forest Candyland Twilight MAIN EVENT Haunted Prize pool (PM me if you want to make a donation for the prize pool ) 1st - $10 Steam Gift Card (AND YOU GET A SPECIAL BADGE ON THE FORUMS!) 2nd/3rd - $5 Steam Gift Card PLEASE comment below if you will be attending the tournament, and link your steam profile so I can invite you to the lobby when the tournament begins!
  2. Over the weekend I went camping and had some time to reflect on my life. I spent some time thinking about how crazy it is that I've known some of you guys for over 5 years now. As a whole, I feel like this clan has been a huge net-positive on my life. I've had so many great memories and moments playing and hanging out with you guys and it without a doubt has made an impact on my life. I have a loving family, an amazing group of IRL friends, and a wonderful girlfriend, but also having you guys there in my life makes it so much better. Whether it was playing on JB back in '15/'16, talking in discord, or playing casual games together, these interactions all made my day better in the end. There are some of you in this clan that I really do feel close to/trusting towards and I really appreciate the friendship that we have been able to forge online. Despite obviously the dynamics being quite different than IRL friendships, I cherish you guys just the same. Even those that I'm not that close to in this clan, I'm thankful for you too. Together, we all make up this clan and the clan wouldn't be the same without all of us together. Don't want to make this post too long, I just felt it necessary to make this post to let you guys know that I really appreciate all of you, and I hope I can build more connections with those who I have not yet done so with and keep the relationships that I do have, strong. Thanks for the amazing years that I have been given with you guys!
  3. Photo from about a month ago Quarantine hair is getting long
  4. Thanks for the donation!!!!!!!
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