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  1. My names MistaChang, but you can call me Uncle.
  2. Bro donates $500 and isnt even given vip on discord
  3. Oh boy I've been waiting for this day since you rqd.
  4. I could just imagine how swed smells.
  5. My names Zebra, and this is Syndickie Gamers. Referred List: Lux, Sweetrock, Travesty, chang
  6. My names Zebra, and this is Syndickie Gamers. REFERRED LIST: CHANG, ZEBRA
  7. My Names Zebra, and this is Syndickie gamers. Referred List: zebra, daniel, Sweetrock Chang
  8. 14/20 Referred List:chang, Rayne, zebra, daniel, KID Fearless, Dark Falcon, The Ben, Mr Eagle, cookie eater, chaos4499, Lux, sweetrock, Dakka, xmen
  9. MistaChang


    She's more man than you will ever be.
  10. If Trump isn't 2020 pres america will go to shit
  11. Gamer Chang here, wishing sG a happy Canada day.
  12. This is pretty cool, kinda makes you think about how wars are going to be fought in 50 years.
  13. The data caps suck with mobile coverage and they drop out from time to time. Shouldn't need this anymore at the moment though.
  14. Yeah I did some digging around and it's quite costly. Need to get a box which is like $1,000 and then the internet package is like double the cost with 100 gb. Wasn't the worst for dl speeds but wasn't great; 10 mbs.
  15. Hello gamers, I am doing something in life so far that will need a satellite internet connection. I am in Canada as many of you know. I will be on the road a lot and don't want to discontinue my presence on the internet, and to avoid that concern I don't want to alleviate the issue by using McDonald's wifi. What are some of the best Satellite Internet providers? I have googled a few providers and many of them seem to be absolute shit. I will be extremely grateful for any tips or advice on a company to use. Price range isn't really an issue unless it's exceeding $120 a month.
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