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    • reduced speed threshold required to deal prop damage
    • improved targeting check when trying to use c4
    • Players are now spectate the ragdoll correctly when tazed
    • added the visualizer, activate it as a detective and carry it to death scenes to view the scene of as it was when a player died
    • added binoculars for detectives to identify players from a distance



    • fixed players being unable to use a c4 after the first time
    • flare gun reduced from 2 credits to 1
    • prop possession improvements
      • fixed slow reaction for selecting a prop,
      • responsiveness of the hud improved
      • reduced recharge time by half
      • reset sprint movement speed on round start
    • added a shotlog usable with ttt_shotlog
    • added a spectate plugin usable with A or D to rotate through alive players

    • revamped dna scanner, tested and fixed many issues
    • added the ability for players to move hud elements
    • sm_hud to open the menu, it allows you to move the role, overtime and player remaining huds individually, also allows you to minimalize the player remaining huds
    • available huds are: 
      • minimalist - shows as numbers with no text
      • simple - shows as ( Ts 3: Is 2) for 3 ts and 2 innos

      • Slim - shows as Traitors 1: Innos 1

      • default - Traitors Remaining 3 : Innocents remaining 2


    • remove knife on spawn
    • Shop logic fixes to accomodate melee weapons,
    • added support for mappers to manage their own traitor buttons,
    • enable/disable random spawns based on the amount of spawnpoint entitys in the map,
    • added support for workshop mapchooser,
    • added an entityspawner plugin to manage random weapon spawns
    • added the flare gun as a traitor weapon, use it to burn players or destroy bodies
    • lots of back-end error fixes and improvements

    • fixed DNA chat spam if the target was not valid.
    • updated default models and gave detectives their own model,
    • reduced radar delay from 15 to 12 seconds
    • fixed silenced scout not being silenced
    • fixed some weapons not showing in shopmenu
    • fixed a bug in the voice plugin that was causing entitys to dissapear randomly
    • added Teleporter weapon for detectives and traitors
    • added prop possession for spectators
    • added an anti stuck plugin to help fix bugged spawn points


    • Fixed Traitor buttons icons showing to non traitors
    • Fixed the block name change plugin that was setting their name to blank,
    • Fixed dna icon showing to non detectives
    • Fixed karma round end bonus being given to people who hurt teams.
    • Reduced delay for setting up traitor buttons
    • Added a 4 second freezetime to the round
    • Colored the Detective call message,
    • Changed from Ovelays to HudText to show roles and overtime
    • Added new hudtext for overtime time left
    • Fixed homerun and mp5 setting their viewmodel if it wasn't equipped,causing visual bugs
    • Reduced jihad time to 1.2 seconds
    • Blocked innos from getting usps

    • fixed a bug with sprint and healthstation LastHeal/LastSoundTime not resetting for next round, making them not work until the round time is > last rounds heal/sound time
    • Updated the plugin that removes weapons on round start, It no longer forces the game_player_equip entity to trigger on all players at the start of the round, which I believe caused a visual bug with weapons, which make them seemingly disappear when you pick up a real weapon which removed the "fake" weapon.

    Let me know if the weapon bug still happens, It could also be a loadout issue.

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