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  1. that doesn't exactly sound like a good reason to avoid it
  2. if u remember me u remember me, if you dont u don't its one of those things happy fucking new years lads life wasn't gr8 for me for a few years there but now it is so amen let's face a decade of life-altering climate change together <3 god it's been years since i played on these servers but sg popped into my head recently so i wanted to say i hope y'all are doing good, please remind me to donate in february, i love you whoever is readng this, i hope ur life is good and gr8 and ur able to become the person you hoped since you were 8 years old that you'd become i love you no matter who you've become or what you've endured i hope the future brings nothing but goodness and strong connections with others amen on kanye we say bless the earth completing a rotation around the sun and bless this weird series of coincidences that gave us life <3 if you want to reconnect https://www.facebook.com/natasha.mckay.9480 i go by taz now despite the url love u maybe i will actually play on these servers again soon
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