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  1. for many years, I have offered to help get ZE back. but no one took me seriously. and now it's too late It's a shame ZE was one of the best server we had
  2. I stopped being a firefighter some years after I lost my sister in a traffic accident yea lol , i am stil Dj in the real world
  3. When I remember back to 2008 when I started playing ZM in here, I remember it was a really fun time. I remember when I got my first Admin access " Don't break your rules, or you'll get a BAN "with the best Arnold Schwarzenegger voice" LOL. I remember all the many hours I spent playing ZE, it was a time when it was really fun and a lot of friendships came about joined in 2009 in here, and was very active As time goes on, you get older, some start a family, others get work, which makes there is no time to play video games. the community in here has always been full of fun and nice people if there are any of the old members of my time who think it might be fun to put some life in ZE and remember old days, then write :) new members are also welcome
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